Pearbuds - World's Smallest Completely Cordless Bluetooth Earbuds launched

Pearbuds, World's Smallest Completely Cordless Bluetooth Earbuds, Launched on Kickstarter -- Pearbuds are completely wireless earbuds designed to be both the smallest on the market, and with the longest battery life of any Bluetooth-enabled earbud.

Listening to music on the go without tangled cords or bulky over-ear headphones was never a reality—until now. There are lots of different headphone styles to choose from in the market, but with the launch of Pearbuds today on Kickstarter, Pear Designs is adding a product category: completely wireless, bluetooth-enabled earbuds that fit snugly in-ear without a single cord. Pearbuds have combined Bluetooth chips and high-quality audio technology to reduce the entire earbud down to the size of a coin.

Pearbuds offer high-quality sound, six-hour battery life & a sleek metallic finish, in order to make wireless earbuds a fashionable and convenient accessory that appeals to everyone. Launching August 19th on Kickstarter, Pearbuds aim to raise $50,000 to enabled scaled up manufacturing, and to bring the product to market as soon as possible.

Pearbuds are the First Wireless Earphones Designed for Today's Active Lifestyle

Pearbuds were designed to help people get rid of their bulky, restrictive headphones which are not compatible with today's active lifestyles. "We wanted to give people the ability to listen to music, or any app on their phones on the go, without having to be burdened by cords," said CEO, Eric Tsoi, "Our friends who are avid hikers, bikers, and sports enthusiasts were telling us this was a really big issue for them."

Pearbuds can be used in a variety of applications since they connect directly to smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. From cyclists and runners wanting to listen to music while playing, to commuters listening to their favorite Podcast, Pearbuds offer a unique listening experience which solves the problem of tangling cords that restrict free movement.

Pearbuds Do Not Compromise on Sound Quality or Battery Life

Anthony Le, Product Designer for the Pearbuds, was inspired by recent advances in audio technology to create a cordless product which offers the longest battery life on the market: "We didn't want to compromise on sound quality or battery life, so we used the AptX codec and we designed a proprietary module to bring down the size of the Bluetooth and audio chips," he said. The module also offers wide frequency response and low harmonic distortion to offer crisp sound in a tiny package. Ultra-low latency between both earbuds solves the problem of sound differential between both earbuds. Finally, a first-of-its-kind carrying case allows users to charge their earbuds multiple times on the go. Industry-leading battery life of 6 hours per charge is achieved by using a special Lithium Ion

Exclusively Available Through Kickstarter

Pear Designs has turned to the Kickstarter community to make this project come to life. In order to thank early supporters, the company is offering discounted prices for early the first 1,000 backers. Currently, pricing starts at $99, which is 50% off the retail price. For the experienced product designers and device manufacturers on the Pearbuds team, the Kickstarter offers a great way to help scale up production and to get the product to market faster.

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