Picpal for iOS and Android - a new app that harnesses the popularity of selfies and social networks

Picpal for iOS and Android
Picpal, the First Selfie Collage App Launches -- New App Allows Users to Take Selfies and Create Effortless Collages in Real-Time with Friends and Family, No Matter Where They Are

Putting together a photo collage with selfies is easier than ever thanks to Picpal, a new app that harnesses the popularity of selfies and social networks. Picpal is the first app that allows users to create in-the-moment selfie collages with up to three of their closest friends wherever they may be.

"Social networking has revolutionized the way we document our lives. Picpal expands the horizon of these social documentation possibilities," said Mahesh Rajagopalan, co-founder of Picpal. "Instead of passive interactions such as social sharing, liking or commenting, we sought to focus on social content creation among friends. With Picpal, we've created an authentic experience, connecting friends and families more intimately in real-time, no matter where they are."

To begin, Picpal users sign up with their Facebook accounts. If a user has Facebook friends already on the app, Picpal asks if the user wants to add them.

Picpal is all about interacting and sharing a moment in time, so when a Picpal request is sent out, all parties have the day to take their selfies. The collage builds in real-time as everyone sends their photos, and each person can watch as friends join. Users can take as many selfies as needed until they get the perfect shot. To customize the selfie, users can add unique filters or text to reflect their current mood or experience. At the end of the day, users can look back and reflect on what everyone was up to. Once a Picpal is complete, users can share the collage, "heart" and comment on it.

Further, users also have the option to create Picpals with "Team Picpal," which sends automatic selfies to those who request a Picpal with "Team Picpal."

Picpal is now available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. To get the app for iOS, visit iTunes. To get the app for Android, visit Google Play. For further details, please see http://www.getpicpal.com.

About Picpal
Picpal combines selfies and collages into one social network and app. Want to share what you're doing right now with a group of friends, no matter where they are? Simply open Picpal, choose the friends you want in that collage and take a selfie. The app simultaneously sends a request to your friends to take a selfie too. The app then combines all photos into a collage, which users can share; they can then "heart" and comment on other Picpals posted by their friends as well. Picpal was created by MyndBee Inc., a social media tech startup cofounded by serial tech entrepreneurs. Its offices are located in Irving, TX, San Francisco, CA and Bangalore, India.

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