PvP Coming Soon to Way To Gold strategy-based game

Way to Gold is a strategy-based game for fun.
Way To Gold - Player vs. Player Coming Soon -- Due to the popularity of its Way To Gold mobile app, RKTOnline is announcing that they will be releasing a Player vs. Player version around Thanksgiving. The game has had tremendous growth since its release in January. It has taken hold with all age groups, young and old alike. With the new release, a player will be able to choose who they want to play against and when, put the game on hold for later, or put a cap on it. According to Chander Joshi, President, "One of the questions we get the most is, 'When will I be able to play against my family and friends?'" While it's no Candy Crush at this time, it has its own base of players that enjoy a nice challenge and like listening to the background music. Once the Player vs. Player version is released, there will be a leader board to shoot for and potentially prizes to be won.

As was started with the original game release, the new release will also be done by local developers from the Fresno, CA area with assistance from developers from Silicon Valley. Monika Joshi stated it best, "We plan on bringing Silicon Valley to Fresno."

Based on the 'freemium model,' Way to Gold can be enjoyed by players of all ages. While giving users the ability to purchase power-ups to advance levels and reach higher scores, at no point is there any obligation. Players can complete the game by earning power-ups since they can also be obtained by smashing nuggies into barrels that appear throughout the game.

Follow the game and join the growing fan base on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WayToGoldGame. The game marks the foray of RKTOnline in the mobile gaming industry. For more information on the game or the company visit www.WayToGold.com.

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