Tree Story is a mobile game for Android and iOS that plants REAL trees

Playing a Mobile Game Can Help You Breathe -- Play Zig Zag Zoom's Tree Story to Plant REAL Trees Around the World

Most people overlook the importance of trees to human health and happiness. Trees improve air quality, moderate climate, reduce storm water runoff, harbor wildlife, and beautify our neighborhoods – all vital to keeping our ecosystems and our communities alive and prosperous.

Trees are critical to planet and human health, and now everyone can help plant trees just by playing a fun mobile game called Tree Story on Android and iOS. Created by former Disney Interactive game makers, this groundbreaking experience invites players to nurture virtual pet trees that translate to the planting of REAL trees globally. Tree Story is an easy way for mobile players to Have Fun and Do Good at the same time!

A video, with voice over by Ed Begley Jr., can explain better than words and can be seen here.

"I have long known the importance of preserving and improving our environment, which is why I am excited to support a mobile game that plants REAL trees," said Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and Environmental Activist. "Tree Story introduces the importance of trees to the next generation of environmentalists."

News Facts
  • For the first time, Tree Story is available today on Google Play and iTunes App Store for free and for an introductory price of $0.99 for the ad free version.
  • The game is an entertaining and captivating "virtual pet" for your smartphone, where players nurture tree seedlings with water, sun, food and love to grow them into fully-grown trees…while playing exciting action and puzzle games.
  • Starting today, Tree Story is going global! Tree Story's newest campaign will support The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees program in Brazil, helping to restore the famed Atlantic Forest, a tropical habitat for 20,000 species of plants and 60% of Brazil's threatened animal species.
  • Along with The Nature Conservancy, Zig Zag Zoom plants REAL trees with the help of its other impressive partners: The U.S. Forest Service, Arbor Day Foundation, Alliance for Community Trees (an organization representing over 350 local tree planting organizations), Project Learning Tree
Tree Story Gameplay
  • You start by choosing where you want to plant your Real Tree – it might be an urban grove or a school; wildlife habitat or wildfire reforestation; or possibly a featured planting like the Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle.
  • Then you choose from a variety of tree species – elm, pine or magnolia
  • Raise your tree from Seedling to full-grown Treeling, and then send it off to be planted in your virtual Grove!
  • Visit your Grove to see all of your trees and change their clothes, hats and fun accessories.
  • Once a Tree Planting Campaign is completed, our expert tree-planting partners will plant REAL trees. With your help, we can plant trees all over the country, and all over the world!
  • While nurturing your tree, you can also play a variety of action and puzzle games that entertain you and your tree – everything from match-3 to puzzles to platform hopping…and more!
Tree Story Features
  • HELP REFORESTATION EFFORTS: Help our partners (U.S. Forest Service, Alliance for Community Trees, Arbor Day Foundation, Project Learning Tree and The Nature Conservancy) by sending your trees to reforest areas affected by wildfires, repopulate endangered tree species, create more habitat for animals and birds and beautify our schools and our neighborhoods!
  • TALK TO YOUR TREES: Talk with your device's mic and listen while your trees talk back.
  • TAKE TREE SELFIES: With an easy click you can take a picture of your tree to send to your friends and family
  • LEARN TREE FACTS: Trees are amazing! Impress your friends with cool tree facts found in the game!
  • CHOOSE AMONG LOADS OF GAMES & ACTIVITIES: A variety of forest-themed action and puzzle games will keep you and your trees entertained. Play games to earn coins and buy food to feed your tree and to buy plushies to keep them happy.
  • PROTECT YOUR TREES: Fend off nasty harmful pests to keep your trees safe and happy.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR ANIMATED TREES: Animated in a cute and unique 2D style, all of our huggable tree characters are based on real trees, but unlike real trees you can dress Tree Story trees up in tons of fun and stylish outfits!
  • EXPERIMENT WITH POTIONS: Earn in-game coins to buy potions that will speed up your game, so you can grow and plant EVEN MORE trees!
Commenting on the news Thomas Kang, CEO of Zig Zag Zoom said:
"Most of us walk by trees every day, but rarely do we stop to think about their importance. Trees are essential for life, and they make everything better, aesthetically and practically. With Tree Story, our #1 mission is to make a game that's fun to play, but through play we invite players think about the environment and the impact trees have on day-to-day living. We are excited to be launching our first game to a global audience to show that playing mobile games can literally change the world."
About Zig Zag Zoom
Based in Los Angeles, CA, Zig Zag Zoom (Z3) is a mobile game publisher built on the principle that people want to both Have Fun and Do Good. Z3's mission is to be a world-leading network for mobile games that Entertains, Connects, and Empowers millions of daily users to support the causes they care about by simply playing fun mobile games. Founded by a team of former senior Disney executives, artists and game designers, Z3 has decades of combined game development and publishing experience, as well as exceptional access to the Chinese market. Along with a slate of games releasing in 2015, Z3 is launching mobiliz3, a proprietary platform that empowers gamers to support their favorite causes while playing their favorite games. Z3 seeks to change the world for good…one game at a time. The company can be found online at

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