tyntec Streamlines Number Information Services With Newest API

REST API Grants Access To tyntec's Global Number Portability and Verification, Reducing Deployment Time When Enabling Phone Number Intelligence

tyntec, a telecom-web convergence company, has announced the launch of its REST API for Number Information Services (NIS), granting developers the full capabilities of tyntec's Global Number Portability and Global Number Verification services, which provide intelligence on phone numbers such as portability information, phone status, roaming and geographic data. Using the REST API, businesses are able to validate customer mobile data, ensure user registration and activation, deploy user authentication, manage employee mobile access, as well as optimize SMS and voice routing. The launch of tyntec's REST API for NIS follows on the heels of two additional API launches earlier this year - REST API for Outbound SMS as well as SMS Pricing & Coverage API. The company's ongoing effort to broaden its API offering is a testament to tyntec's commitment to simplifying the integration of telephony functionality and gleaning intelligence for all businesses across the board.

Ponemon Institute research indicates that registration, login, and transactions are the most popular reasons companies implement mobile number verification, and that invalid mobile numbers account for 48% of failed one-time passcodes. Additionally, contextual information is more relevant than ever, with more enterprises incorporating phone information into their customer engagement strategy - avoiding user outreach when the subscriber's phone is roaming or off, for example. That's an enormous amount of commercial activity and customer interaction relying on accurate mobile verification and instant network insight. For the businesses and developers involved, data delays and inaccuracies carry real monetary and security implications, so ease of integration and broad network access are essential to their success.

The REST API for Number Information Services allows developers to easily integrate verification capabilities into consumer and enterprise applications, as well as websites. Unlike other number verification APIs, tyntec's extensive network of operator relationships makes their API the most expansive in the industry. tyntec's Number Information Services cover 600 carriers across 180 countries, and provide access to local number portability databases in over 30 countries. The result is up-to-date phone identity information delivered in real time from anywhere in the world.

Key benefits provided by the REST API for Number Information Services include:

Fast, Easy Integration - As most developers are already familiar with REST, the REST API for Number Information Services eliminates the need for them to learn complicated telco-specific APIs.
Cost Savings - By verifying mobile numbers in advance, businesses can avoid the cost of sending messages to an invalid number.
Higher Conversion - The real-time contextual information provided by tyntec's Global Number Verification ensures that messages are sent when user interaction is most likely (i.e. phone turned on and not roaming).
Up-to-date Database - Businesses can update their customer database using the number portability information provided by the REST API.

"It takes two elements to make phone number intelligence integration work: an easily integrated API and vast access," said Marco Lafrentz, tyntec's Senior Product Manager. "With REST API we've facilitated both: developers get to work with a familiar API, while businesses reap the benefits of the industry-leading global number information access that tyntec is known for."

For more about tyntec's REST API please visit tyntec.com/support/rest-api

About tyntec
tyntec is a telecom-web convergence company that connects the immediacy and convenience of mobile telecom with the power of the Internet. Partnering with mobile network operators around the world, tyntec enables enterprises and Internet brands to power their applications, authentication, and mission-critical communications with universal mobile services such as SMS, voice, and phone numbers in the cloud.

Founded in 2002, tyntec employs over 150 people in six offices around the globe, serving over 500 global businesses, Internet brands, and mobile network operators.
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