Wallaby Financial Debuts Version 4.0 To Optimize Personal Finance

iOS App Helps Users Monitor Their Finances & Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Wallaby Financial, the leader in mobile and web-based credit card optimization solutions, today launched version 4.0 of its flagship iOS application to help consumers stay on top of their finances and make it easier than ever to maximize credit card rewards. The new version features added personal finance analysis tools, customizable widgets, Apple Watch integration, and overall improvements in speed and ease of use.

Debuting in version 4.0 are the Spend Monitor and an updated home screen, which give users at-a-glance insight into their credit card spending. The Spend Monitor makes it easy for consumers to track their finances and identify changes in financial behavior through three key factors: spending alerts pinpoint increased or unusual activity in a given category; suspicious activity such as double charges and potential fraud are highlighted to help users spot issues early; and a color-coded view helps users see where and how they could have earned more rewards. Users can also now see an overview of their spending and bills directly on the home screen.

"With Wallaby® 4.0, we are branching beyond rewards to give users a complete view of their daily finances," said Wallaby Financial Founder and CEO Matthew Goldman. "Many consumers do not follow a strict budget, but need to stay up to date on where their money is going. Wallaby 4.0 makes it easy to monitor your spending and identify trends, while still helping consumers maximize rewards and maximize the value of each purchase."

Users can also stay up to date on bills and on top of the latest rewards through new, customizable widgets. Wallaby will alert users to upcoming bills through Notification Center alerts, helping them avoid late fees and missed payments. Users can also select their top three shopping categories such as gas, apparel and grocery, and the best card for each category will be conveniently accessible from the Notification Center. New Reward Recipes make it easy to personalize card recommendations, helping users to stay on track with their financial goals. Wallaby 4.0 also works seamlessly with Wallaby for Apple Watch, allowing users to easily check card recommendations, monitor card balances, and track credit usage on the go.

Built to help maximize credit card rewards, Wallaby helps consumers rack up points, miles, cash back or other rewards by using the optimal card for each purchase. Powered by CardBase®, Wallaby's proprietary database of more than 2,700 credit card profiles, the app recognizes the user's location and delivers an unbiased card recommendation for a given purchase.

After installing Wallaby on their iPhone or iPad, users sign in or sign up for free and quickly add their current credit cards and preferences. When users launch the app, they immediately see which of their credit cards is best to use for a given transaction. Wallaby version 4.0 for iOS and Wallaby for Apple Watch are available in the App Store and at www.walla.by/mobile.

About Wallaby Financial Inc.
Wallaby Financial ("Wallaby") is the leader in credit card data and consumer financial information applications. Powered by CardBase®, a proprietary database of more than 2,700 credit card profiles, and Wallaby's unique real-time optimization algorithms, Wallaby's product suite helps consumers to earn more rewards and save more money. Wallaby informs consumers about which card to use when shopping, and helps them find the best credit card to add to their wallets by taking into account rewards, fees, interest rates, and other financial data. Wallaby products are available for Web, iPhone, Android, wearables, and more. For more information, please visit https://www.walla.by. Stay connected with Wallaby on Facebook or on Twitter @wallabycard. Wallaby is a subsidiary of Bankrate, Inc. (NYSE: RATE).

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