xG Technology Announces Expansion of Business Partner Program to Drive Adoption of xMax Private Mobile Broadband Solution

Growing Ecosystem of Technology Partners Extends xMax Capabilities and Provides Customers with Enhanced Range of Options

xG Technology, a developer of wireless communications and spectrum sharing technologies, announced the expansion of its Business Partner Program. xG is developing an ecosystem of resellers, system integrators, consultants, and other technology vendors offering products and services that are complementary to the xMax mobile broadband wireless network solution.

The goal of the xG Business Partner Program is to maximize the emerging market opportunity in private mobile wireless broadband for voice, video, and data communications. Among the segments demonstrating an interest in this solution are public safety and emergency management, military and other national security branches, critical infrastructure and domestic and international rural telecommunications. Because xMax is built on an all-IP foundation, it is a device, protocol and application-agnostic system. This means xG can provide added functionality, use cases and options by presenting its clients with a broad array of partner software applications and hardware devices.

xG is seeking partnerships in three categories:
  • Technology Alliance Partners are hardware manufacturers, application developers, and system integrators that see a strategic value in xG's technology and believe they could benefit from a collaborative approach to the market.
  • Reseller & Integrator Partners are those who market and sell hardware and software from a variety of vendors and are looking for ways to bring additional value and capability to their customers.
  • Referral Partners are consultants and other service providers who work with clients to get a deep understanding of their challenges and issues and then make recommendations of possible solutions.
Among the companies that have recently joined xG as Technology Alliance Partners are Drakontas, LLC (maker of mobile collaboration software), Radio IP (mobile VPN solution provider), Itellum (international telecommunications provider) and DirectView Holdings (integrator of video, security and body camera products).

Tim Moynihan, xG Technology's Vice President of Sales, said, "With interest in xMax increasing, launching a Business Partner Program was a natural development for xG. It is an excellent opportunity for us to publicize available options and customizations of xMax by way of third party solutions that embrace, extend and enhance its current feature set. The key strength of our Partner Program is the xMax solution itself. xMax offers a unique combination of unmatched reliability, exceptional interoperability, and rock-solid security in a turnkey broadband system."

Moynihan continued, "Just as our technology platform is innovative and disruptive, we are looking for partners who are forward-thinking, nimble and interested in offering solutions that go beyond the status quo in capabilities. For companies with this mindset, we have an exciting partnership opportunity."

About xG Technology, Inc.
Founded in 2002, xG Technology has created a broad portfolio of intellectual property that makes wireless networks more intelligent, accessible, affordable and reliable. The company is the developer of xMax, a patented all-IP cognitive radio network system that enables secure, robust mobile broadband communications for private, consumer and government networks. xMax can solve the crisis facing the wireless industry caused by data-hungry devices and applications that are straining network capacity. It eliminates the need to acquire scarce and expensive licensed spectrum, thus lowering the total cost of ownership for wireless broadband access.

The xMax system delivers always-available voice, video and data services to both fixed and mobile users, and is interoperable with existing cellular and dedicated networks without being dependent on them. xMax incorporates advanced optimizing technologies that include spectrum sharing, interference mitigation, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and software defined radio (SDR). These and other technologies make xMax ideal for wide area, as well as rapid emergency communication deployment in unpredictable environments and during fluid situations. xG offers solutions for numerous industries worldwide, including emergency response and public safety, military, urban and rural wireless broadband, utilities, and critical infrastructure.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, xG has over 50 U.S. and over 100 international patents and pending patent applications. xG is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market where xG common stock is traded under the symbol XGTI and xG warrants are traded under the symbol XGTIW. For more information, please visit www.xgtechnology.com.

SOURCE xG Technology, Inc.
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