6 Minute Charging With mPower Technologies FastCharge

Following up the previous report about "Back-up power in 6 minutes with mPower FastCharge - to launch early this fall", mPower Technologies Inc., the consumer products subsidiary of mPhase Technologies, Inc., has announced that the company is releasing the technical specifications for it's newest product preparing for launch.

The mPower FastCharge has a fast charging capability for back up power for cellphones, tablets, and cameras. This unit has a unique feature that allows the product to fast charge in 6 minutes through a 12V car cigarette lighter. The battery capacity is 6000mAh (22.2 Wh) and weighs slightly more than a half-pound. The standard input is 5V/2A and the hi-speed charging input in a cigarette lighter port is 14V/10A. The unit gives the consumer the solution for a backup power unit that can charge quickly and be taken on-the-go for electronic charging when no wall power is available.

The new product is going to be offered in multiple color options. Retail pricing and distributor/wholesale pricing is being set and will be released to make pre-ordering available to resellers and the consumer in early fall.

This battery technology goes beyond the lithium ion capabilities that have been successfully demonstrated in the present portable jumpstarter units. The mPower FastCharge departs from the specific jumpstarter category but remains in the battery charging market. To date, mPower Technologies has successfully branded four portable emergency jumpstarter units.

SOURCE mPower Technologies Inc.
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