Alliance between virtual reality content and hardware companies -- VRC and IonVR Forge Strategic Partnership

VRC and IonVR Forge Strategic Partnership -- Alliance between VR content and hardware companies to be unveiled Sept. 21 at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

LOS ANGELES -- The Virtual Reality Company (VRC), the world's leading producer of virtual-reality stories and experiences, and Ion Virtual Technology Corporation (IonVR), a leading VR hardware developer, announced today a strategic alliance under which IonVR will have access to VRC's content and the two companies will work together to identify synergistic projects on which they can collaborate.

The first result of the alliance will be visible on Monday, Sept. 21, at the TechCrunch Disrupt exposition in San Francisco, where IonVR will be demonstrating its groundbreaking IonVR mobile headset using an excerpt from THERE, VRC's first release of its original VR content.

"I can't think of a more exciting way to realize the limitless potential of virtual reality than to marry VRC's high-quality creative content with IonVR's cutting-edge technology," said VRC Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Robert Stromberg. "It's the collision of two great forces that will now make anything virtually possible."

"Great content deserves a high quality VR headset," said Brooke Linville, CEO of IonVR. "IonVR's partnership with VRC connects the best of Hollywood story-telling to the best mobile VR headset technology available today, allowing virtual worlds to come alive on your smartphone screen."

Directed by Stromberg, THERE is a unique feature-length storytelling journey that will be presented as a VR series. Stromberg, the winner of two Academy Awards for his production design on AVATAR and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, also directed MALEFICENT, the highest-grossing directorial debut in movie history. THERE sets the bar for imaginative, high-quality VR content.

IonVR's headset provides what critics have described as the best mobile VR experience currently available to VR consumers. It makes use of a unique optical solution to address the problems of motion blur and latency that lead to so-called VR sickness, the malady similar to motion sickness that consumers often experience with other VR systems.

VRC was founded in 2014 after a serendipitous introduction led Stromberg to the latest VR headset technology. In one memorable instant, Stromberg's world was remarkably transformed. He realized the limitless potential of the technology, specifically its capacity to unlock characters, dreamscapes, and adventures that for decades were captive thoughts in his gifted imagination. With Stromberg in creative charge, VRC—which he started with co-founders Guy Primus, Chris Edwards, and Joel Newton—engages some of the greatest storytellers and artists who collaborate on ground-breaking 360-degree worlds where the boundaries are truly without limit.

About VRC:
VRC is a Los Angeles-based content studio that creates premium VR experiences by combining the best in technology, art, and digital story-telling. Four Hollywood veterans—Robert Stromberg, Guy Primus, Chris Edwards and Joel Newton—founded VRC in 2014. Stromberg is recognized for designing many of the most iconic and immersive environments in recent cinema. The emergence of VR provides a new platform for Stromberg to create imaginative and emotional worlds without the boundaries of traditional storytelling. For additional information, visit

About IonVR:
IonVR's virtual reality headset delivers the highest quality VR experience on a mobile device. IonVR's innovative headset technology reduces motion blur to virtually eliminate VR sickness allowing people to have a more accessible and enjoyable VR experience. The IonVR solution is one of the first great mobile VR headsets thanks to the convergence of IonVR's innovative technology, the power of today's smartphones, and the capabilities of the human brain. IonVR is delivering on the promise of VR and making it possible for everyone to experience it today. For additional information, visit

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