Atmel Launches Next-Generation Flagship Studio 7 IDE; Unveils Atmel START, Intuitive Web-based Platform for Software Configuration and Code Generation

With Increased Performance and Ease-of-Use, Atmel Studio 7 Accelerates Atmel | SMART and AVR MCU Designs For Both Professional Developers and Makers; Bridges the Gap Between the Arduino MakerSpace and MarketPlace -- Complementing Studio 7, Atmel START Delivers a Graphical, Web-based Interface Allowing Developers to Quickly Configure and Deploy Drivers, Middleware, Complete Example Applications and Reference Designs, Taking Productivity to a New Level

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Atmel Corporation, a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch solutions, announced the release of Atmel Studio 7, the company's comprehensive, free integrated development environment (IDE) for MCU design using Atmel | SMART ARM® processor-based and AVR MCUs. Atmel is also launching Atmel START—a new, highly intuitive graphical platform for creating and configuring embedded applications that allow developers to build custom software platforms.

Due to increased complexity and more demanding requirements, embedded developers are turning to IDEs to deliver more intelligence, performance and ease-of-use. Based on the latest Microsoft Visual Studio Shell, Atmel Studio 7 IDE dramatically reduces overall design time by delivering significant performance enhancements for developing and debugging with an easy-to-use user interface, improved responsiveness for consumer, industrial and Maker markets—and much more. Atmel Studio 7 also provides real-time application data and power visualization to better optimize application performance and power utilization.

For the Maker community, Studio 7 allows Arduino developers to quickly port their sketches created in the Arduino environment as C++ projects, and seamlessly migrate their prototypes into the professional Studio 7 environment. Atmel continues to help Makers move their projects from 'the MakerSpace to MarketPlace.'

With the rise of the Internet of Things Market (IoT) and projected billions of devices expected by 2020, high quality, well integrated embedded software is key to enable designers to build robust, connected solutions based on today's connectivity and security standards. Atmel is pleased to launch Atmel Start which is a web-based tool that helps developers easily integrate basic software building blocks and focus on their own applications rather than configuration and integration of the basic software building blocks.

Atmel START enables software developers to graphically select software components and configure them for Atmel's large family of evaluation boards or for their own custom boards. Developers can build software platforms consisting of low-level drivers, advanced middleware, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), high-level communication stacks and more, and download the configured software package into their own IDE and build their application.

Atmel START supports graphical configuring of pin-muxes, along with clock trees, and the configured software package can be downloaded for a variety of supported development environments, such as Atmel Studio 7, IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil uVision. Atmel START is entirely web-based so no installation is required before you get started—and the downloaded code will always be up-to-date.

"Atmel Studio 7 IDE and Atmel START extend our commitment to bridge the gap between the Maker and professional environments, accelerating time-to-market for developers of all levels," said Steve Pancoast, Vice President of Applications, Software and Tools, Atmel Corporation. "Our new, innovative development tools and software provide Atmel's customers with solutions for embedded system designs in low power and wireless communications such as our power visualizer and Atmel START. We are committed to bringing the best tools to market, enabling developers of all levels—from professionals to students, hobbyists and Makers—to get their projects quickly to market."

"The innovative Atmel START tool brings new possibilities for users of IAR Embedded Workbench," said Mats Ullström, COO, IAR Systems. "Our advanced development tools complement the high-quality software that Atmel START delivers very well, and being able to rapidly configure example projects and deploy them on not only the hardware the user wants, but also for the tools the user is most comfortable with, is key to being able to get to market quickly."

"The Atmel START platform makes it easy for developers to get projects off the ground quickly and obtain the most benefit from working with ARM Keil® MDK tools," said Reinhard Keil, Director of Microcontroller Tools, ARM. "By using CMSIS, Atmel has once again proven the value of creating a platform built on a standards-based approach. Atmel START creates a robust and portable software management system that makes it easy for developers to deploy applications in any environment."

Atmel Studio 7 is now available for download from

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