Blue Fountain Media launches BIOWARS mobile games for iOS and Android, a gamified website and an interactive online community for its digital comic book series

BIOWARS The Battle Rages Within is a gamified digital experience that dramatizes the warfare between the cells of the immune system and invading alien microbes.
Blue Fountain Media Launches BIOWARS, a Gamified Digital Experience that Dramatizes the Warfare between the Cells of the Immune System and Invading Alien Microbes -- Free digital comic book series, mobile app games and interactive online community created by New York City-based digital agency

NEW YORK -- Blue Fountain Media, a New York-based digital agency focused on helping brands grow their businesses online, has created a unique and immersive digital universe that brings to life the constant war that rages within our bodies.

BIOWARS The Battle Rages Within is the brainchild of Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO and founder of Blue Fountain Media. The launch of this new digital experience is officially kicking off during Advertising Week, the world's premier gathering of marketing and communications leaders.

BIOWARS tells the story of BioWarriors, cells of the human immune and nervous systems which are given humanoid forms but retain their real-life biological powers, and the human realm they inhabit, called BioCosmos. BioWarriors are the heroes and protectors of their realm, and it's their job to protect BioCosmos from invading alien microbes (viruses and bacteria) as well as deadly mutant cells gone awry in the battle for life.

As a former pre-med student at New York University, Mr. Shaoolian was fascinated by the ways cells communicate with each other. He created BIOWARS to share his passion for immunology and open the imagination of millions of readers and gamers through a broad range of entertaining and interactive experiences across digital media. He brought together a seasoned team of Blue Fountain Media artists and designers, as well as a renowned comic book writer, to help bring his passion to life. From story and character conception, to illustration, production and marketing, Blue Fountain Media has created an immersive digital experience that showcases its creativity and capabilities.

"To engage with today's consumers, businesses have to deliver more than just a website: they need to deliver an immersive experience," said Mr. Shaoolian. "What we've done with BIOWARS represents our team's capabilities and the strategic work we perform for brands across various industries. We help clients tell compelling stories digitally to further engage and interact with their customers and, ultimately, drive business results and impact their bottom lines."

With expertise in web and mobile app development, creative design and innovative marketing approaches, Blue Fountain Media designed, developed and launched BIOWARS mobile games for iOS and Android platforms, a gamified website and an interactive online community for its digital comic book series.

The BIOWARS interactive website and online community allow fans to read and download free digital comic book issues, play a series of app games, learn more about the characters and their real-life counterparts, upload their own stories and artwork, engage with other fans of the comic series, play online and social media games, and much more. The in-house development of the BIOWARS mobile app games underscores the agency's technical abilities, a unique element and game-changing offering from Blue Fountain Media.

The BIOWARS comic books first launched in November 2013 and developed a large and loyal fan base of 126,000 Facebook fans entirely through word of mouth. For the past 22 months, the Blue Fountain Media team put time in to expand the project (between client initiatives) leading to this month's formal universe launch. The creative team behind BIOWARS includes Mark Powers, former writer at Marvel Comics, and illustrators Goncalo Lopes, Joana Lafuentes, Lucius Cross and Miguel Mendonça.

With the formal launch of BIOWARS, Blue Fountain Media is forming a new business unit to support the entertainment and gaming markets. For more information, contact Brian Byer, VP of business development, 212-260-1978 or visit

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