ClearBlade Launches Novi Platform for Enterprise IoT and Mobile

Next-generation platform gives companies accelerated ability to build and run connected applications and products with built-in scale and security.

ClearBlade is formally launching Novi, the second generation of its Internet of Things and mobile development platform. Novi simplifies access to data, microservices, messaging and security in a horizontally scalable platform, making it faster and more cost-effective to build connected enterprise solutions.

"Novi creates a new benchmark for enterprise development and runtime software," said Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade. "Out of the box, Novi solves the big obstacles of integrating new and legacy systems, implementing robust security models and creating repeatable systems to accelerate development. Combined with the ability to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, Novi dramatically changes the economics and timeline for building IoT and mobile solutions," added Simone.

Highlights of the Novi platform release include:
  • Single binary install - External dependencies are removed and optimal performance is gained in container, virtual and bare metal compute environments.
  • Expanded SDK catalog – SDKs for iOS, Android, Java, JavaScript, Node, Python, C and GoLang are available.
  • Enhanced protocol support - SOAP, RPG, CICS, OPC and other proprietary transactional protocols are supported.
  • Expanded integration capability – Systems and data can now be exposed via REST, MQTT, SQL, NoSQL, SOAP, Java (JAR), sockets and FileIO.
  • Data connectivity – Direct platform connections to Oracle, SQL Server, Cassandra, DB2i, DB2 Distributed, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB and more via integration standards.
  • Data streaming - Enabling real-time propagation of data and its state, ensuring all devices and subscribers immediately receive updates.
  • Intelligent triggers - Developers can write app logic inside of triggered events for better performance and efficient data movement wrapped in security.
  • Enhanced analytics API - Every transaction on the Novi platform is logged, and a REST-based API allows log information to be queried and shared seamlessly with third party visualization tools.
"With just a few clicks developers can connect real-time data, microservices, messaging and authentication into their existing or new applications and services," said Aaron Allsbrook, CTO of ClearBlade. "Beyond development, Novi also simplifies the runtime environment. It can manage large systems of connected endpoints and applications, but is also capable of handling the immense data streams they create in real time."

The Novi platform is commercially available as of 6am CT today, and free developer trials are available by contacting ClearBlade. Platform documentation is available at

About ClearBlade Inc.
ClearBlade is the enterprise platform for building mobile, web and Internet of Things solutions. It is deployable both in the cloud and on-premise, encrypted end to end, and scales to Internet-sized workloads. Built from an enterprise-first perspective, ClearBlade integrates the entire ecosystem of applications, data and devices, significantly reducing the time and investment required to build apps and services.

Founded in 2007, ClearBlade is headquartered in Austin, TX. For more information about the company, please visit

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