Doxee Introduces eDox Interactive Communication

Innovative, cloud-based solution provides greater customer engagement at reduced cost; transforms statements for leading telco

Doxee, a leader in enterprise-class, cloud-based Customer Communication Management (CCM) has announced the availability of Doxee eDox Interactive Communication (eDox), an HTML5 solution providing interactive statements, invoices and other personalized transactional communications. For enterprises, it offers a more efficient and compliant process for creation and delivery, with reduced call center volumes. Consumers benefit from rich content presented in an easy-to-read and simple-to-use graphic user interface, viewable on mobile devices connected to the web, as well as offline.

Doxee eDox displays content, numbers and messages in an intuitive, menu-driven "mini website" interface, with links, tables, charts, and calls-to-action. This innovative, versatile format helps consumers understand their bills or statements, reducing the burden on customer help desks while encouraging consumers to explore new cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. Additionally, eDox can link to or be delivered with Doxee personalized videos that highlight statement content and drive consumer response to marketing messages.

"We've seen great enthusiasm for the Doxee eDox solution from our partners and enterprise end-users," said Doxee COO Ron Friedman. "This is especially true for customers transitioning from paper-based to digital communication."

"Enterprises are reviewing their communication strategy and seeking cost-effective solutions to reach end users using all media, especially mobile devices," added Larry Zusman, director, Global Marketing. "Customers are showing significant response to interactive communication versus print. Doxee eDox is transforming the way enterprises create, produce and deliver data-driven, personalized content."

One of the early adopters of the Doxee eDox solution is a major telecommunication provider transitioning from print to electronic billing. The solution employs an enhanced statement in a multi-screen format, with custom billing, hyperlinks, action buttons, graphs and interactive charts, allowing customers to analyze information without additional tools. The company has drastically reduced printing and delivery costs, increased customer satisfaction levels and lowered the numbers of inbound inquiry calls to its customer support center. In addition to this deployment, the solution is being used by financial firms, utilities, and media companies.

About Doxee
Doxee is a leading global technology and services provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based CCM. Enterprises worldwide use Doxee products and services to deliver personalized, interactive customer experiences, increasing communication effectiveness and business results.

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