DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera Arrives - Pre-orders begin shipping this week

DxO ONE connecting to iPhone
DxO has announced that the DxO ONE camera will begin shipping to pre-order customers this week. DxO, a world leader in image science, has created the ultimate connected camera with the introduction of the DxO ONE, an incredibly compact, yet surprisingly sophisticated camera that connects directly to your iPhone® and iPad® to let you instantly share high resolution images with your family, friends and followers. With a fast, high-quality prime lens and a large 1-inch format sensor, the DxO ONE is proving that it's possible to capture stunning photos--even in very low light--with a connected camera that's smaller than the grip of a DSLR.

"Here is something amazing...the engineers at DxO have been able to accomplish something truly astonishing," said award-winning photojournalist John Stanmeyer, "Connecting the DxO ONE to my iPhone gives me the equivalent of more than three full stops of additional exposure when photographing in low light situations."

The DxO ONE complements the iPhone in ways that no other camera can, providing a level of professional image quality and control which meets or exceeds that of most premium cameras. The 20.2MP sensor captures 2.5 times more detail, allowing for improved composition through cropping or digital zooming. The DxO ONE's fast f/1.8 prime lens (32mm equivalent) captures exquisite portraits, in which the eyes are razor sharp and the background falls off naturally with a beautiful bokeh. The lens and sensor combination enable the camera to effortlessly photograph in low light environments. The DxO ONE is even capable of producing impressive images shot from ISO 12800 up to Hi2 (51200), and gorgeous night skies with exposure times of up to 15 seconds.

"The response to the DxO ONE has been phenomenal, and we're excited for customers to experience this incredibly compact, yet powerful connected camera," said Kirk Paulsen, DxO's senior vice president of Product Marketing. "Since the announcement in June, we've incorporated feedback from dozens of talented photographers who have been capturing amazing images with the DxO ONE all over the world."

During an extensive beta program over the past several months, DxO engineers and designers carefully studied the shooting habits and styles of dozens of photographers to optimize the user experience. Power consumption has improved by adjusting the idle timeout based on user inactivity. For photographers who very often need to keep the camera powered on for hours at a time, such as landscape and nature photographers, the DxO ONE now supports shooting while charging from an external battery pack.

As a fully connected camera, the DxO ONE enables users to receive continuous app and firmware enhancements via automatic App Store updates. In just the past two months, the team at DxO added manual focus, EV bias in auto, paired program mode, max ISO/ max speed, and more. Before the year is out, DxO ONE users can expect to receive a host of new features, such as high-speed RAW burst, horizon level, advanced viewfinder and detailed EXIF displays.

Mac users who use OS X Photos will be able to process their DxO RAW and SuperRAW files without ever leaving the app, thanks to a new DxO extension for Photos scheduled to mirror the release of OS X El Capitan. And Adobe Lightroom® users will be happy to know that DxO standard RAW images are fully compatible .DNG files, and that DxO SuperRAW files can be easily accessed and processed in DxO OpticsPro and exported directly back to Lightroom.

Pricing & Availability
The DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera can be ordered today from www.dxo.com at a price of $599. For a limited time, the DxO ONE comes with a free license of award-winning RAW image processing software, DxO OpticsPro (Elite edition, sold separately for $199), and DxO FilmPack which digitally reproduces the look and feel of analog films (Elite edition, sold separately for $129). Pre-order and availability dates for other countries are available on DxO's website.

About DxO
DxO develops the world's most advanced image processing technologies, which have enabled over 300 million devices to capture the highest quality images achievable. DxO's award-winning OpticsPro software lets serious photographers quickly and easily make their best photos look even better, and DxO ONE has redefined the connected camera with a revolutionary design that pairs perfectly with iPhone and iPad to capture professional quality images that are instantly available to share with family, friends and followers.

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