HandyCase Turns iPhone and iPad Transparent for Gaming and Opens SDK to Developers

HandyCase makes iPhone transparent
SILICON VALLEY, Calif. -- HandScape has launched HandyCase (see-through technology) for iPhone and iPad on Kickstarter. This ergonomic, multi-patented technology allows users to operate their mobile device from the back panel by seeing their hands through the screen.

HandScape opened its SDK (free) to all gaming developers to further explore the impact of maneuvering on-screen objects through transparent technology. This SDK currently supports Cocos2d, Cocos3d, Unity3d game engines.

Since launching on Kickstarter a week ago, HandScape has already received 70 percent backing and has made Krowdfund's Top 10 List. It allows for one or two-handed interaction with games, maps, and other next-generation applications. The technology works for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Mini, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. The HandyCase has a 20-hour battery life and connects wirelessly through Bluetooth LE.

HandyCase makes iPad transparent
Founded in 2013, this multi-patented, transparent technology has a diverse set of future integration possibilities. In addition to mobile gaming applications, this revolutionary technology can be applied to car consoles, book readers, camera apps, maps, and more.

HandScape placed 2nd at the Startup 21 Competition in Silicon Valley in 2015 and was recently recognized by Forbes as one of 2015's "Chinese Startups That Splashed at CES." In 2014, CES named HandScape as one of the 'Top 10 Most Interesting Things.' HandScape's technology has been in numerous publications, including: CNET and Engadget.

HandyCase in Gaming Action
Leading engineers based in Silicon Valley developed HandyCase. HandScape consulted with top industrial design firms from the United States and Europe, resulting in the sleek and ergonomic design, which tech consumers expect.

"I take pride in solving the mobile environment's complicated issue. Our technology is practical, works in any lighting condition, and is energy efficient. It's a disruptive innovation and is set to alter current mobile interaction industry paradigms." -Tong Luo, PhD, Founder and CTO at HandScape.

With the Kickstarter campaign funds, the company will invest in further product design enhancement, hardware and software development; including big game applications, as well as a keyboard application.

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