How to create Android Apps in Under a Minute with AppsGeyser

App creation can be achieved in just a few clicks. The online template tools have been created to assist those that have little, to no, technical knowledge. The easy to use visual templates, along with the integrated app maker dashboard, take the app maker through the app creation process step-by-step from the first stage of choosing the right template through to app distribution.

No experience required. AppsGeyser uses a template system that enables users to create and customize apps without having to use any code. Once a template has been chosen, all the app maker is required to do, is to upload their content and the JavaScript powered template will do all the rest. If further customization is required the AppsGeyser support team is there to help.

Online support. The AppsGeyser support team are available to answer questions every day of the week. There is an active community on the AppsGeyser social pages: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from which users are able to get assistance not only from the AppsGeyser technical team, but also from the AppsGeyser app maker's community. The official AppsGeyser technical support page, GetSatisfaction, hosts a wealth of questions from which a user can search for answers or submit a question of their own.

Earn money. Regardless of the reason behind your app creation, your Android app will bring you an extra source of income. The app may be used as a marketing tool to drive more traffic to your existing business, as an awareness tool for a new service or even to advertise upcoming sales, all of which will bring you new customers and thus an increase in business revenue. In addition to a direct increase in your business revenue, the integrated monetization tool within your app will also act as an additional stream of revenue once you are eligible to join the free AppsGeyser monetization program.

The free AppsGeyser Android app builder platform provides the tools to create Android apps, to create a mobile business and to profit from the mobile app world. What more could an app maker ask for? Time to join the AppsGeyser app making community and get mobile today.

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