Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds provide workout enhancement for all

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds
The new Jabra Sport Pace™ Wireless earbuds were developed for anyone who listens to music to get more out of their fitness endeavors and provide helpful training management through the Jabra Sport Life app. When used with the app, the Jabra Sport Pace earbuds become an easy-to-use training partner, no matter what level you are on. Whether you are just starting out or are experienced in training, the Jabra Sport Pace will help you enhance your workout by providing training statistics and tests while listening to music – without the distraction of wires.

Key features of the Jabra Sport Pace include:
  • Premium stereo sound
  • Enhanced all training with the Sport Life app that provides evaluation and tips
  • 5 hours talk and music time, as well as rapid charging
  • Ergonomic design for a secure fit
  • Built with US military standard rain, shock, sand and dust resistance
  • Reflective neck cord optimal for running at night
  • Expands Jabra's Sports Audio portfolio
With a battery that can supply up to five hours of music or talk time and rapid 15-minute charging, the Jabra Sport Pace provides no excuse for not staying in shape.

The right training - at your fingertips
Whether you're out for a run in your neighborhood, running in the woods or working out in the gym, the Sport Life app has optimized tools that help you plan and monitor your fitness so you can be sure you're getting the best return and taking your training to the next level.

This training management tool can be downloaded on to your smartphone, enabling you to plan, monitor and evaluate your performance by measuring your pace, calories burned, distance and route using the GPS of your phone while training outside. It has a built-in fitness test so that you can keep track of your development. Jabra Sport Pace Wireless also integrates with leading 3rd party fitness applications to unify your training history.

Pace won't let you down – even in rough conditions
No matter how tough it gets, the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless is with you. This rugged piece of gear incorporates IP 54 and US military standards. Designed to resist wind, rain, storm, sweat or impact, it'll carry on delivering premium sound that pushes you that little bit further. Moreover, the earbuds have been fitted with a cord that is light reflective, which will provide visibility if you go running at night.

The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless also meets high standards of comfort and ergonomics. The comfortable ear hooks have been designed by ergonomists to stay in place no matter what you do. Ultra-secure, ultra-comfortable and ultra-light, and weighing just 21 grams, you'll barely notice they're there. No matter how much your pulse is racing, your earbuds will remain firmly in place.

Addition to sports audio range
With Sport Pace Wireless, Jabra takes a further step in expanding the sports audio product range that was pioneered in September 2014 with the Sport Pulse™ Wireless (for running), and followed up in June 2015 with Sport Coach™ Wireless (for cross training). The new earbuds adds to the training circle with a cost efficient solution.

"We now have a complete range of unique sports audio solutions that can help people train, whatever their needs," says René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra. "From advanced runners, who benefit from in-ear heart rate monitoring, over cross trainers, who take advantage of in-ear coaching and motion sensoring – to training aspirers, who need training tips. All with the combination of best-in-class sound technology and a specifically designed app. Jabra now has an offering that delivers a choice for everybody to enhance their sports experience," he concludes.

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless together with the total sports range of products from Jabra is available in good time for the holiday season and the typical planning time for everybody's New Year workout journey.

The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless will be available online and at Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods stores in mid-September for $99. Find out more about Jabra Sport Pace at www.jabra.com/pace.

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