Jawbone Unveils New Design And Color Lineup For UP

Jawbone expands its portfolio of activity trackers with bold new designs and features
Tech Innovator Expands Portfolio of Activity Trackers with Bold New Designs and Features

Jawbone has launched a new design for UP2™ and 10 elegant new colors for UP2 and UP3™, further expanding the portfolio of fashion-focused activity trackers.

In addition, Jawbone released a range of new features for UP2, UP3 and UP4™ that improve product functionality and reliability through a free over-the-air firmware update.

"We're excited to expand the design platform for UP2 and UP3 with a sleek new strap for UP2 and 10 eye-catching colors, making our lineup of UP® products even more versatile and jewelry-like," said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. "We've combined our intelligent app – recently voted best fitness app for iOS and Android – with beautiful design and premium materials to create the ultimate fashion accessory for those who want to live better in style."

Live Better in Style

Activity tracking has never looked so good with Jawbone's new collection of designs and colors. Crafted by leading industrial designer Yves Behar, Jawbone's new UP activity trackers feature slim and stylish designs that allow for 24/7 wear and can be easily accessorized with jewelry or watches on the wrist.

UP2 features lightweight thin straps and is the ultimate fashion accessory
UP2, previously only offered in Black Diamond and Light Grey Hex with classic flat straps, is now available in 6 stunning new colors, 5 of which feature an all-new design with two lightweight thin straps – giving the slim tracker an even more fashionable and unique look and feel. The selection of new colors for UP2 include Turquoise Circle, Oat Spectrum, Gunmetal Hex, Orchid Circle and Black Diamond with the new lightweight thin straps, along with Violet Circle with the classic flat strap.

UP3, Jawbone's advanced multi-sensor tracker, is now available in 4 additional colors, including Indigo Twist, Ruby Cross, Sand Twist and Teal Cross, in addition to the previously available colors, Black Twist and Silver Cross.

Feature Updates for UP2™, UP3™ & UP4™

A free over-the-air firmware update through the UP App will be released today to UP2, UP3 and UP4 users, enabling new features including, Automatic Sleep Detection and Passive Heart Rate monitoring.

With this new update, UP2, UP3 and UP4 users no longer need to tap the band to enter and exit sleep mode. The UP band now automatically detects when the user has fallen asleep at night and when they wake up in the morning. The system will continue to recognize and track detailed sleep stages, with UP3 and UP4 still capturing REM, Light and Deep sleep.

The feature update today also adds Passive Heart Rate tracking to Jawbone's multi-sensor trackers, UP3 and UP4, which previously only measured Resting Heart Rate and heart rate throughout the night. While Resting Heart Rate is one of the best indicators of overall heart health, the addition of Passive Heart Rate throughout the day gives users a more complete picture of their heart health.

Passive Heart Rate is taken periodically throughout the day when the user is still, and provides unique insight into how daily influences and choices such as diet, caffeine, stressful meetings, and other stimuli can affect heart rate and overall heart health. As UP captures a user's Passive Heart Rate over time, Smart Coach will have a more complete picture of the user's overall health and patterns, providing more tailored and customized advice based on the user's baseline heart rate measurements.

These new features were extensively tested in an open beta trial over the past month and have been widely welcomed by the UP community as a significant enhancement to the overall user experience.

Available September 8

The UP2 tracker by Jawbone is available in 6 new colors, 5 of which include an all-new strap design, for $99.99 on Jawbone.com and Amazon beginning today.
  • UP2 Violet Circle Classic Strap
  • UP2 Orchid Circle Lightweight Thin Straps
  • UP2 Turquoise Circle Lightweight Thin Straps
  • UP2 Oat Spectrum Lightweight Thin Straps
  • UP2 Gunmetal Hex Lightweight Thin Straps
  • UP2 Black Diamond Lightweight Thin Straps
The new UP2 with lightweight thin straps will also be available on BestBuy.com and Target.com starting today with availability in Best Buy, Target and Apple stores coming in the following weeks.

The UP3 tracker by Jawbone is available for in 4 new colors for $179.99 on Jawbone.com beginning today. The new colors include:
  • UP3 Ruby Cross
  • UP3 Indigo Twist
  • UP3 Teal Cross
  • UP3 Sand Twist
UP3 Ruby Cross and UP3 Indigo Twist are also available on Amazon, BestBuy.com and Target.com starting today. Sand Twist is available exclusively on BestBuy.com beginning today and in Best Buy stores starting 9/13 for $179.99. UP3 Teal Cross is available exclusively on Target.com starting today and in Target stores beginning 9/20 for $179.99.

The new firmware update for UP2, UP3 and UP4 will rollout to all users today and is available on both iOS and Android versions 4.7 or later.

About Jawbone®
Jawbone® is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science. Jawbone's UP® system helps people live better by providing personalized insights into how they sleep, move and eat.

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