JOBY GripTight Auto Vent Clip with Airplane Clip Adapter is a multi-purpose accessory for use in the car and on a plane

JOBY Auto Vent Clip with Airplane Clip Adapter
JOBY GripTight Auto Vent Clip Brings Smartphones New Perspectives During Car and Air Travel -- Newest Addition to GripTight Series Serves as a Discrete, Compact and Multi-Purpose Travel Accessory

JOBY expands its best-selling collection of the portable GripTight Series to include the GripTight Auto Vent Clip, a durable and versatile design for use in the car and on a plane. This portable lightweight smartphone accessory discretely attaches to your car's vents and comes with bonus airplane clip adaptor, enabling users to mount a smartphone on the closed tray table.

"A recent AT&T study revealed that 70 percent of drivers use their phones when behind the wheel," said Kate Farmer, JOBY brand director. "With the development of navigation apps, drivers have become increasingly dependent on their smartphones for directions, especially since companies like Google have developed location-based services, maximizing their capabilities. The JOBY Auto Vent Clip was designed to be discrete and not obstruct the driver's line of sight enabling users to clearly see navigation apps without taking their eyes off of the road."

The GripTight Auto Vent Clip (US MSRP $34.95) is a multi-purpose accessory that is lightweight, portable, versatile and always with you in the car or on a plane. A positioning ball on the clip allows you to adjust the orientation and change the angle of your phone with ±20 degrees of movement, enabling horizontal or vertical viewing. Built from durable polycarbonate-ABS plastic with TPE grip pads and stainless steel, the GripTight Auto Vent Clip slides onto a vehicle's air vent and is designed to remain securely in place after repeated use. The bonus airplane adaptor allows for easy smartphone use from 30,000 feet by fastening the clip to a closed tray table, keeping your entertainment hands-free and stable during takeoff, landing and turbulence.

The GripTight Auto Vent Clip is available in regular size to fit smaller smartphones (2.1 to 2.8 in. / 54 to 72 mm) and XL size to fit larger smartphones (2.7 to 3.9 in. / 69 to 99 mm), with or without protective cases. The GripTight Mount can also be removed from the vent clip for use with any tripod or stand with a ¼"-20 screw.

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