LSR simplifies Bluetooth Smart development with new Serial-to-BLE software for popular SaBLE-x module

Serial-to-BLE API and Software Tools simplifies integrating LSR's SaBLE-x Bluetooth Smart module with a product's existing microcontroller (MCU), accelerating development time significantly.
CEDARBURG, Wis. -- LSR, a global leader in wireless modules and services, announces the release of their new Serial-to-BLE software that simplifies development of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications using LSR's SaBLE-x Bluetooth Smart module. The SaBLE-x is the first certified module solution based on the innovative SimpleLink Bluetooth Smart CC2640 wireless microcontroller (MCU) from Texas Instruments (TI).

"LSR has a singular focus on simplifying wireless for our customers to accelerate their product development," said Dave Burleton, LSR's VP of Marketing. "This new software will do just that for Bluetooth low energy applications, because it was created by embedded developers, for embedded developers. We are proud of our strong reputation of providing our customers best-in-industry development resources and support, and the new Serial-to-BLE software takes that to a new level."

Serial-to-BLE accelerates Bluetooth Smart development by providing a simple, comprehensive API library of commands for serial communication via UART between your design's host microcontroller and the SaBLE-x module. By providing a dynamic library of JSON-based human-readable command sets that users can modify and add to, as well as the source C code for both the MCU and RF module firmware, even developers with minimal experience with Bluetooth Smart can quickly implement Bluetooth for a product with a microcontroller already on board. The Serial-to-BLE solution also features "PC-as-Host" testing and scripting tools, which means a developer can evaluate and test communications with the PC playing the role of host to the module, saving significant upfront time coding firmware for their system's MCU.

Developers can access the Serial-to-BLE software in the initial release of LSR's new Developer Tool Suite, a free PC download which is available today from LSR's website. The Serial-to-BLE software is complemented by LSR's ModuleLink for BLE mobile app, available on both the iOS and Android platforms, allowing developers to fully test their BLE designs quickly. Further, LSR customers can request source code examples of this app, providing a tremendous head start in developing their application-specific smartphone applications.

Development and Evaluation Kits for the SaBLE-x Bluetooth Smart module are also currently available from any of LSR's global distribution partners, and a library of tutorial videos regarding Serial-to-BLE is also available online.

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