LUCI in the Cloud with Backbone -- Studio Quality Radio Production From Anywhere Using Mobile Phones, Tablets

Free iOS app-studio quality link to any LUCI Global affiliate stations
A major advance in cloud-based radio broadcasting will be announced at IBC2015 with the unveiling of two new intertwined services. Together, they promise to change the way studio-quality remote talk, sports and news broadcasting is produced—with just an iPhone or iPad.

Backbone Co-Host and LUCI Global are the two radio "backhaul" services introduced by Backbone Networks Corp. and Technica Del Arte BV. When married together, they allow talk radio stations to produce live programming—contributed from anywhere in the world with the simplest of equipment and no physical infrastructure.

"We at Fantasy Sports Network use Backbone Co-Host and LUCI Global to connect live with our geographically distributed FNTSY hosts and field correspondents," said Michael Cardano, Senior Business Administrator. "It's amazing to get such crystal clear audio from remote events using just an iPhone."

Co-Host-controls incoming feeds & integrates with the live broadcast
LUCI Global is a cloud-based evolution of the company's popular LUCI Live multiplatform IP audio reportage software. LUCI Global enables a community of reporters, radio guests and co-hosts to contribute to broadcasts of any station listed in the LUCI Global directory, via 4G or wi-fi., using a free iOS app from the iTunes App Store. Upcoming versions will be available for Android and other devices.

Backbone Co-Host is a cloud-based radio backhaul and production service for the radio station that manages incoming feeds using Apple Mac-based producer/screener software. Co-Host allows multiple hosts, guests and reporters to conference with each other, and also with listeners who call into the station's phone system (Backbone Talk™). See more at:

Visit LUCI at IBC 2015, Stand 7.C09, Hall 7, where representatives of both companies will be on hand for business and technical discussions. RAI Center, Amsterdam, Sept. 11-15, 2015.

About The Companies

Technica Del Arte BV ( based in Amsterdam, is the creator of the revolutionary LUCI technology—a series of live broadcast software applications. Since its launch at IBC2004, advanced versions of LUCI software have been developed, tested and improved in close co-operation with world class broadcast manufacturers, professional journalists, technicians and producers from major national broadcast stations all over the world. Contact:, Tel: +31 43 321 94 99

Backbone Networks Corporation ( based in Massachusetts, creates professional, turnkey cloud based radio stations and networks through its production and automation software, terrestrial/satellite program syndication, and streaming distribution. Backbone specializes in news/talk/sports radio, with integrated call-in multi-line phone system, and live remote broadcasting, tagline: "Your Station Anywhere". Backbone also operates the largest online network of college radio stations. Contact:, Tel: +1 617.848.1176

SOURCE Backbone Networks Corporation
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