More Than $150,000 in Wearable Technology Devices to be Given Away at September 2015 Corporate Health and Wellness Association Conference -- Intel, Garmin, Polar and Jawbone to Participate

Corporate Health and Wellness Association, the world's independent resource for corporate wellness education and industry coverage, will feature seven different wearable technology devices for wellness employers to use to compete in fitness activity challenges at the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress Conference in Orlando, FL, September 27 – 30, 2015.

Intel, Garmin, Polar, ENDEVR™, YOO Fitness®, LifeTrak® and Jawbone® are the featured technology companies who will put their wearable devices into the hands of wellness professionals who are attending the conference. Employers will be able to make informed decisions about which device is right for their employee population. Matchup will provide the technology platform for the conference-wide wearables challenges. Basis, an Intel company, will give away 100 Basis Peak fitness and sleep trackers. In addition, Intel IoT Alliance Partner Big Cloud Analytics will add a 30-day trial for their platform, COVALENCE™, for improving population health.

"Intel is pleased to sponsor the 7th Employer Health and Benefits Conference and its focus on actionable insights that could drive increased productivity and wellness, reduced claims and contain insurance premiums," said Jennifer Esposito, Global Director, Health & Life Sciences Sales & Marketing at Intel Corporation. "The conference also promises to showcase leading wearable, bio-identity and analytic solutions that could marry consumer behavior patterns with traditional data to yield unprecedented discoveries."

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) is hosting the top names in fitness trackers such as Intel, Garmin, Jawbone, and Polar. Each company is attending to help further the reach of its wearable devices through exhibiting and networking with attendees and participating in fitness wearable device challenges, including Second Fitness Wearable Device Think Tank & Challenge and the Attendee Movement Challenge. This year's conference will put wearable devices front and center.

"I'm excited for Jawbone to be featured at EHBC this year. The need for solutions that help employees make positive change is more important than ever. Health is the first stage, but the wider potential for wearables go far beyond that. Jawbone is in a great position to lead the charge with our new corporate wellness platform and we can't wait to help further expand wellness benefits across the country," said Sameer Samat, President at Jawbone.

More than 1,000 wearable devices will be given away and nearly 2,000 participants will be attending the conference, up 200% from last year's event. The EHBC continues to host its national wellness awards for the top 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America this year. Employers who implement the most vital wellness policies, practices and programs will receive the distinguished award.

"By focusing on educating the corporate wellness marketplace about wearable technology—not just who is involved and what is being developed but also distinguishing the hype from the reality—we have our fingers on the pulse of just how big wearables can get," explained Jonathan Edelheit, Editor-in-Chief, Corporate Wellness Magazine and Director of Corporate Health & Wellness Association. "It is through this education and analysis we can best serve the market to help them decipher what's realistic and what is pure nonsense so they can make calculated decisions through each step of their wellness programs."

Consumer health matters and consumer education are garnering the most development attention by wearable technology development companies. Many different trends are occurring simultaneously and the market continues to grow. Wrist-worn devices such as watches and bracelets continue to dominate the market.

The conference will showcase fitness challenges and educational break-out sessions to help leading employers such as L.L. Bean, Deloitte LLP, Ritz Carlton Hotels and Royal Caribbean Cruises identify and evaluate cutting-edge wearable technology, discover solutions to current challenges in implementation and develop strategies to increase awareness and maximize engagement.

For inquiries about the conference, contact Seth Golbe at (561) 792-4418 x. 825.

SOURCE Corporate Health and Wellness Association
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