.NET and Ruby Developers Can Use WURFL Device Intelligence Across Multiple Applications

ScientiaMobile Extends the Performance and Network-Level Integration of WURFL InFuze Device Detection Solution to Microsoft® IIS and Ruby

RESTON, Va. -- ScientiaMobile has released new modules of its high-performance Device Detection Repository (DDR), WURFL InFuze, to support Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server. Now, .NET developers can tap into the power of a single instance of WURFL InFuze that is integrated with IIS and access device intelligence from multiple applications across the network. Likewise, ScientiaMobile has also released WURFL InFuze for Ruby to support developers using the popular Ruby programming language for Web services.

"In 2012, ScientiaMobile released modules for NGNIX, Apache, and Varnish Cache. These modules enabled enterprises to move Device Detection from a developer issue to a server system configuration issue. They also enabled powerful use-cases such as enriching HTTP requests with device information and making Environment variables available to applications running on servers. We call this network-level integration of the Device Detection function. Today, we bring that technology to Enterprises that are committed to a 100% Microsoft technology stack by releasing WURFL InFuze for Microsoft IIS. Now, organizations can install once on IIS, and use WURFL's device capabilities from any application on the network," said CTO Luca Passani.

Dino Esposito, author of several books on ASP.NET programming, said, "In many Web services – such as advertising, finance and analytics – performance is key, and so is delivering the right information to the requesting device. Tapping into the power of WURFL InFuze, ASP.NET developers can now build device detection into their services to better handle situations where response times are critical. Thanks to the underlying high-performance C API, they don't have to think about building individual instances of the device detection API into their applications. The mobile device capabilities are right there in the HTTP headers, ready to use."

ScientiaMobile provides the industry's most accurate and flexible device intelligence solution. We help customers optimize their mobile web experience, adapt images for mobile devices, deliver device-aware advertising, and collect device analytics. ScientiaMobile sells WURFL, a constantly-updated repository that catalogues thousands of devices and their capabilities and provides access to them via range of API languages. The WURFL framework enables many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, to effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles.

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