NetVo Samoa and Tazca Connects Deploy 4G LTE-as-a-Service in the Island of Upolu in Western Samoa

Samoa to Offer its People Affordable Broadband Internet Access

NetVo Samoa, On Call Communications (OCC) and Tazca Connects Deploy 4G LTE-as-a-Service in the launch of a new advanced broadband network, Samoa's first 4G LTE provider.

James Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer of On Call Communications, the US partner in NetVo, stated that "We selected Tazca Connects because it enables fast, reliable and affordable broadband Internet access for the families and full-time residents of Samoa." With Tazca Connects 4G LTE, Upolu will no longer lack high speed Internet or access to information like rich content and micro payment services. "The Tazca Connects LTE-as-a-Service will have a profound effect on the economy, stimulating economic growth and improving the quality of life for the people of Samoa," said Gilbert.

The Tazca Connects 4G LTE service is powered by an innovative Distributed Mobile Packet Core software platform from Lemko Corporation that will allow easy, reliable and cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity throughout Upolu, Samoa. The new LTE service is uniquely enabled by Lemko's Distributed Mobile Packet Core architecture which features advanced mobile capability on a software platform that sits on a server at each cell site and connects directly to the cloud. This results in substantially lower up-front capital expenses, backhaul optimization, virtualization of the EPC core, and dramatically lower on-going operational expenses to enable high-growth and adoption of new LTE services.

"Tazca Connects is excited to partner with NetVo and OCC, recognized leaders in mobile solutions, in delivering on their vision to improve the lives of the people of Samoa by bringing affordable Internet economics to their homes and work. It is exciting to see Lemko's best practice LTE Use Cases for Smart Cities being leveraged in Samoa. Mobility and the Internet have converged, and the era of flat, distributed mobile IP networks is here," said Michael Sisto, Vice President of Sales, Tazca Connects.

About NetVo
NetVo will change the way Samoans connect online by empowering all Samoans to access communications, education and commerce opportunities. NetVo is a new, Samoan company whose mission is to provide reliable access at an affordable price supporting business development, personal communications and government services.

About On Call Communications (OCC)
On Call Communications specializes in managed Internet Protocol based satellite networks. It is a leading provider of rapid-deployment satellite systems and satellite bandwidth for satellite newsgathering, business continuity, disaster recovery, commercial and governmental clients. OCC has teleport facilities in Hawaii expanding their coverage to Asia, Oceania and the Pacific Rim. OCC leverages satellite and IT experience to deliver fast, cost effective and user friendly applications including LTE networks, mobile communications solutions, network restoration, webstreaming and 4G LTE wireless communications. On Call is a leading partner in the NetVo Samoa operation. For more information visit

About Tazca Connects
Tazca Connects was launched to answer the call for affordable broadband. Our strategic intent is to enable Operators to bring simple and affordable wireless broadband into their cities and rural communities. Tazca Connects offers 4G LTE-as-a-Service with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX in the industry so Operators can deploy carrier grade broadband now without having to worry about hardware and software infrastructure. Tazca offers pay-as-you-grow models to accelerate cost effective broadband connectivity across diverse global communities to access the Internet for improved connectedness and Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. With Tazca Connects, Operators can Plug, Play and Profit with a high quality solution deployed at the network edge. Tazca Connects is a subsidiary of Lemko Corporation. For more information visit

About Lemko Corporation
Lemko Corporation is a Distributed Mobile Wireless Network software company with ultra-low cost Internet based architectures that drive down the cost per GB MHz POP. Lemko is the industry leader in Re-Engineering the Mobile Network for Internet Economics and provides quick deployments of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems powered by a virtualized and distributed EPC and IMS core. The company's market leading solutions are available in multiple form factors including macro network, small cell, enterprise access points, On-Demand Cellular (ODC), M2M, Cellular-on-Wheels (COWs), man-portable and are deployed with carriers, governments, military private network operators and enterprises. Lemko is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA. For more information visit

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