Parallel Wireless Reimagines Mobile Content Delivery with PeerApp and Saguna

Innovative License Assisted Backhaul Technology Allows Mobile Operators to Minimize Transport Expenses and Accelerate Mobile Content Delivery across HetNets

Parallel Wireless, Inc., a pioneer in making cellular network deployments and maintenance as easy and as cost-effective as enterprise Wi-Fi, announces a partnership to enhance the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) solution provided by PeerApp, a global leader in Mobile-Edge based content delivery acceleration and optimization, helping wireless carriers speed the benefits of Mobile Edge Computing and Saguna Networks, a mobile edge computing pioneer. Saguna's technology is incorporated in PeerApp's previously announced MEC solution.

To further improve backhaul capacity for the PeerApp/Saguna MEC solution architecture, Parallel Wireless is using its software-defined, multi-mode, multi-band Converged Wireless System (CWS) base station and HetNet Gateway (HNG) orchestrator. CWS is designed with flexible backhaul capabilities, including full-featured third-generation resilient wireless mesh in the same form factor. Multiple CWS base stations are able to connect to each other via multipoint-to-multipoint connections to form a mesh fabric. HNG aggregates all this backhaul capacity and makes it available for content delivery in backhaul-challenged environments. This essentially eliminates backhaul bottlenecks, creates a bigger transport pipe, and augments available resources with intelligent SDN policy-controlled dynamic content routing.

CWS can improve backhaul conditions via two modes: License Assisted Backhaul (LAB) technology and Unlicensed Assist (ULA) technology. License Assisted Backhaul (LAB) technology performs similarly to License Assisted Access (LAA) by aggregating LTE and unlicensed spectrum for backhaul and making decisions as to what spectrum to use to deliver guaranteed Quality of Service for different types of applications (VoLTE, mobile video, etc.). In this mode, HNG might instruct CWS to offload video traffic over unlicensed spectrum while giving other types of traffic priority on the licensed spectrum.

A CWS enabling Unlicensed Assist backhaul works on unlicensed spectrum and complements existing wired backhaul for macros with additional backhaul capacity, while enabling resilience in a case of fixed backhaul failure.

As a result of the combined additional backhaul capacity available in either of these modes and the Edge-based content delivery and acceleration, end users benefit from increased data speeds, reduced latency, and faster content delivery.

HetNets are the most likely path to market for the enhanced MEC Content and Acceleration solution as it addresses backhaul challenges while changing the economics of content delivery and acceleration to enable personalized mobile multimedia applications with the highest possible performance, quality and reliability for end users. The solution is currently being trialed and more trials are being planned for the latter part of 2015.

To learn more about License Assisted Backhaul technology and how it works together with MEC content delivery, please visit Parallel Wireless at Startup Alley in Microsoft booth #4068 at CTIA Super Mobility 2015.
Andy Jones, Managing Director, Jonesthefone Consulting Limited. "License Assisted Backhaul from Parallel Wireless perfectly complements PeerApp's MEC solution powered by the Saguna Open-RAN platform. These three partners in innovation have combined and synthesized elements of CDN, HetNet, MEC and SDN to reimagine the RAN as a content distribution and acceleration system. By transforming the cost base for backhauling mobile video content while accelerating the responsiveness of mobile access to cloud-based applications, I have no doubt, based on my experience of building wireless networks with Vodafone, that this innovative collaboration will help mobile network operators to satisfy their customers' expectations today and tomorrow."

Steve Papa, Founder and CEO, Parallel Wireless, Inc. "The License Assisted Backhaul technology has already proven itself a key enabler to deliver access to remote villages in the UK. It now allows mobile operators to complement the backhaul capacity of their existing macro infrastructure, add resilience with SDN-enabled mesh fabric, and accelerate delivery of mobile content."

Gadi Tamari, CEO, PeerApp. "Mobile video provides new revenue opportunities for MNOs, but also creates new network demands. Through this collaboration, the three companies are helping operators to both manage those demands and also capitalize on the potential for revenue streams supported by superior content delivery."

Lior Fite, Founder and CEO, Saguna Networks. "The innovative RAN architecture created by combining Mobile Edge Computing and License Assisted Backhaul offers highly efficient content delivery and scalability to mobile operators. This open, standard-based solution can be easily expanded to deliver new MEC services and applications while supporting the diverse requirements posed by HetNet environments."
About Parallel Wireless
Parallel Wireless is reimagining the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers, public safety, and enterprises to deploy and maintain cellular networks as easy and as cost-effective as enterprise Wi-Fi. It delivers resilient coverage and capacity on demand, enables IoT, and provides optimized user experience. The largest LTE provider in Europe has teamed up with Parallel Wireless to deliver reliable coverage to 1,500 rural sites by 2017, making it the largest outdoor small cell deployment worldwide. Parallel Wireless' innovation and excellence has been recognized with 11 industry awards in just the last year and a nomination to the "Fierce 15" top emerging technology startups list.

About PeerApp Ltd.
More than 500 mobile, cable, broadband and campus network operators in 100 countries are using PeerApp's award-winning open content caching solutions to accelerate the delivery of Internet video and other over-the-top (OTT) content. With PeerApp's local content delivery, video can be delivered 12 times faster by bringing it closer to end-users. This significantly improves quality of experience and reduces network costs up to 50 percent or more. PeerApp's local content delivery solutions can also play a service delivery role, helping operators generate new revenue opportunities. PeerApp is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. To learn more, please visit our website and follow us @peerapp on Twitter.

About Saguna Networks
Saguna Networks, a pioneer of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), makes mobile broadband faster, simpler and more economical with smart NFV software solutions. Saguna Open-RAN Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) platform creates an open ecosystem and growth engine inside the mobile Radio Access Network (RAN); in close proximity to mobile users. Based on the ETSI MEC standard, the solution enables mobile operators to quickly and effectively deploy new revenue generating services for content delivery, Internet-of-things (IoT), retail and enterprise applications. Saguna Open-RAN features fully virtualized software architecture creating a scalable and flexible infrastructure adding value to 4G networks and beyond to 5G. For more information follow us @sagunanet or visit our website

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