SportsLock Invents a New Category of Fantasy Football: "Brackets"

Available to be played today with college football for the first time ever -- SportsLock, the revolutionary new Fantasy Sports app, has invented a new category of Fantasy Football: "Brackets." Available for NFL and college football, Brackets are now a third category of Fantasy Football alongside daily salary cap and traditional season long.

Brackets differentiate themselves in several major areas: Bracket, Duration, Head-to-Head, Drafting, and Customization:
  • Bracket: Formatted like playoffs and the NCAA basketball tournament, a Bracket consists of multiple users competing head to head until one is crowned the champion. If there are eight users, four move on to the next round and the process repeats until there is one winner
  • Duration: For the first time, the users can decide the duration. Users can play a Bracket against just one other user for one weekend, or users can play in a 64 user Bracket or larger for multiple weeks
  • Head-to-Head: All Brackets are played in a head-to-head format. No matter the size of the Bracket, the user will only play a contest against one other user. Each user that wins moves on to play another user that won until there is only one champion remaining
  • Drafting: With the head-to-head format, users can excitingly draft against their opponent in real time. With only two users drafting, all football players are available in each contest. When a user advances, they redraft against their next user opponent
  • Customization: Users can customize their game type for the Bracket. Contest types can be all running backs, all quarterbacks, or a traditional set of quarterback, two running backs, two receivers and a tight end
According to founder Todd Heyden, "At SportsLock, we wanted to build the best place to take action on Fantasy Football. We love the social aspect of traditional fantasy with friends and drafting. However, we all know people lose steam if their team is losing. And with daily fantasy, we don't want to compete against algorithms. Brackets give everyone a new chance each weekend to be social, play against one real user, and start fresh."

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About SportsLock
SportsLock is the inventor of the Fantasy Sports Bracket category. Launched in 2015, the app enables users to compete in Brackets against friends or public opponents for money. Available in NFL, NCAAF, NBA, MLB , NCAAB and soon PGA and NHL formats, users pick a sport, set a dollar amount, and then draft players in real-time, head-to-head against their opponent. The points are tallied uniquely per sport and a winner is determined.

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