Strone Roam - Strone Technology Launches Permanent Fix For Mobile Roaming On Indiegogo

Strone Roam
Strone Technology announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to offer pre-orders of their innovative device, the Strone Roam, which provides an easy, affordable and convenient way to avoid bill shock when travelling abroad.

“Fear of exorbitant international roaming charges is a major issue for travellers and nobody has been able to provide a full solution to avoid the cost and inconvenience, no matter which carrier or which country you travel to,” said Tas Tudor, CEO and Director of Strone Technology.

Strone Roam allows you to keep your mobile number while you’re travelling overseas, without incurring roaming costs. No more changing numbers, juggling multiple phones or missing important calls.

Strone CEO Tas Tudor
Strone Roam allows you to stay in touch with family or business on your own phone number wherever you are, and without the fear of getting a huge bill when you get home. It works by placing your SIM card into the sleek, elegant device, which is about the size of a soft drink can. The Strone Roam stays in your home or office, connected to the internet and paired with an app on your phone. You can then make and receive calls and text messages without international roaming charges wherever you go on your travels.

“It is time to put the fear of roaming behind us,” said Mr Tudor. “We are encouraging everyone that wants hassle-free, affordable global communication to go to Indiegogo and order their Strone Roam now.”

For more information on Strone Roam please visit their Indiegogo page:

About Strone Technology
Strone Technology is the developer of Strone Roam, a new way to permanently solve the frustration of sim-swapping or exorbitant bills while roaming with your mobile phone. Strone was borne of the problems of staying connected while travelling, when CEO Tas Tudor decided to fix the problems, once and for all. Strone Technology is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Connect with Strone on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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