TEOCO integrates small cell design and automatic cell planning tools to create ASSET Design

ASSET Design
Integration of Capesso and Velox enables simultaneous planning of both macro and small cell networks

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), announced the release of ASSET Design. This new module, created through the integration of TEOCO’s Capesso and Velox tools, enables the optimization of macro cell network designs and the addition of new small cell sites within a single module – a market first.

ASSET Design has two modes: in Design Optimization mode it can determine the best network design by analyzing and combining radio network data to meet planning objectives such as coverage, capacity and quality of service for today’s multi-technology networks.

In Small Cells Design mode, ASSET Design can evaluate thousands of small cell candidates concurrently. It uses geo-located traffic maps to determine an optimized radio design and can also determine the backhaul requirements for small cell candidate locations.

By integrating these two modules, ASSET Design can optimize a radio network that is already in place, add new small or macro cell sites and then integrate these into a single network that meets the specified performance requirements. ASSET Design is unique in its ability to seamlessly move from optimization mode to site creation mode, bringing together the existing macro cell network with new small cells.

“Network planning needs to account for all of parts of the network – the radio and the backhaul domains, the different radio technologies and the different types of cells,” said Daniel Ramirez, Director of Planning Products at TEOCO. “ASSET Design is the next step in our plan to continue to integrate our software and give operators a truly holistic view of their networks.”

ASSET Design is a part of the ASSET Network Planning Suite, a set of tightly integrated modules which make wireless network planning as seamless as possible. To learn more about the ASSET Network Planning Suite, visit our website.

TEOCO is the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to Communication Service Providers worldwide. TEOCO’s product portfolio includes:
  • Customer Analytics –Combine profitability, quality of experience, and behavioral data to better understand, target and engage the subscriber base.
  • Margin Assurance – Manage costs and revenues to understand the profitability of every transaction.
  • Service Assurance – Resolve faults, maximize performance & utilization, and improve customer experience.
  • Network Optimization – Optimize radio access networks to reduce costs while improving coverage, capacity, and quality of the network.
Since 1995, TEOCO has helped over 140 of the largest service providers around the world to manage and evolve their businesses efficiently and profitably, while enhancing the customer experience. TEOCO is widely recognized for its commitment to principled entrepreneurship, business ethics and employee ownership with a particular emphasis on its core values of alignment with employees, clients and community. For more information, visit www.teoco.com.
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