TouchPal Keyboard Featured Worldwide on Google Play

TouchPal Featured Worldwide on Google Play

SHANGHAI -- Since September 10, TouchPal Keyboard, an alternative software input method for mobile devices, designed and developed by TouchPal Inc., has been featured on all Google Play stores around the world, including the U.S., Germany, UK and France.

The global recommendation of TouchPal Keyboard on Google Play gives large credit to its advanced smart prediction technology and its concept of a fun style of typing that differentiates the keyboard from other applications.

A recipient of the Google Play Developer Badge this year, TouchPal has been committed to developing a product that can offer users not only a faster and easier input experience, but a more personal and entertaining one. TouchPal now supports more than 100 input languages and over 800 emojis, and more than 300 themes individualize the input experience for each user. By integrating the Yahoo! search engine, TouchPal also allows users to search day-to-day information, weather and multimedia content including images and videos without launching a browser.

"We believe using a keyboard is not only a way for users to communicate but also a way of expressing feelings, emotions and love," said Susan Li, Co-Founder of CooTek. "It was a privilege for us to be featured on Google Play in so many countries simultaneously as it implies that our idea is globally accepted and sought-after. To further improve the prediction quality and the user experience, big data research is another major orientation for TouchPal."

To download TouchPal please visit Google Play and App Store. For more information please follow Facebook and Instagram.

About TouchPal
Founded in 2008, the TouchPal keyboard has been distributed in 157 countries and has over 350 million users. The company dedicates itself to improving the usability of mobile devices via the software it designs. Under the main purpose of providing a fast and fun input method, it is estimated to reach 400 million users this year with a 20% share of the global Android market (ex-China).

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