Vonage Extensions App Update Means Businesses Never Miss An Important Call Again

Vonage Extensions
Inbound Vonage business calls straight to the app with no forwarding charges -- Personal and business calls kept separate on one contract saving money for small business

Vonage, a leading provider of cloud-based business communications services that allow businesses to make phone calls over the internet, has announced a significant update to the Vonage Extensions app[1], ensuring people never miss an important call again and even the smallest of businesses keep their competitive edge.

With an existing Vonage call plan[2] the new update enables the nation’s small businesses to direct inbound calls straight to their smartphone via the Vonage Extensions app, as if they were still in the home/office, but with no expensive call forwarding charges.

With mobile being an essential tool for making and receiving critical business calls, the app provides all of the benefits of having a Vonage business landline service. One of the most significant is that businesses can choose a local ‘landline’ area code as part of their contact number – instead of what appears to be a mobile contact number or an unfamiliar, foreign area code. This is especially important for businesses to project themselves as a more professional outfit.

Specifically, the benefits of businesses having a ‘landline’ number have been highlighted in a new YouGov study. The survey of more than 2,100 people found that nearly two in three Britons (63%) believe that businesses who have a mobile contact number as their main point of contact[3] – rather than a ‘landline’ number – appear unprofessional, with 60% also seeing them as untrustworthy.

Keeping professionalism front of mind, calls made from Vonage Extensions will show up on the recipients’ phone with your ‘local’ Vonage business landline number. Also, as the app is reliant on a data connection, people can make and receive calls through Wi-Fi, meaning they won’t be hampered in areas with poor mobile reception, whether they’re working remotely or not.

Simon Burckhardt, Managing Director of Vonage UK Ltd, said: “Missing important business calls can be very destructive to freelancers and small business, but luckily with Vonage Extensions they no longer need to worry about this. The update also means that businesses can help keep their overheads down, as having Vonage Extensions is essentially like having a business mobile phone without the cost of having to invest in an expensive second business mobile contract.”

With small businesses no longer needing a second mobile contract, they can still keep their business and personal calls completely separate, removing any call-answering confusion and staying professional in the process. With Vonage Extensions, inbound calls on a users’ existing Vonage call plan automatically direct through the app[4] whereas personal calls (dialled to a customer’s existing mobile number) will direct in the normal fashion, straight to a customers’ smartphone.

[1] The free app is available on Android and iOS, and requires users to have an existing Vonage call plan
[2] Available from only £7
[3] Excluding businesses that are inherently mobile, such as plumbers and electricians
[4] Within their inbound options people can choose to select direct calls to their Vonage landline number, Vonage Extensions app, both or neither

Research was conducted by YouGov Plc. Total sample size - 2165 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 3rd and 4th February 2015. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+)

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