WaveChat: New App Connects Your Real Social Life

MELBOURNE, Australia -- A new startup is aiming to make giant waves in the world of social media by releasing a chat app that makes it easy for friends to organize their social lives and get together.

WaveChat, which has just been simultaneously publicly released on both iOS and Android, was developed to address the problems people face organizing their real social life in a fun and easy way.

WaveChat has all the features of a chat app, including free messages, stickers and location-sharing, with free calls and video calls coming soon.

  • Real Life Social -- Chat, Events, Calendar and Photos
  • Shared events and photos are synced effortlessly to each other's calendars
  • Available now on iOS and Android
It also lets users post event details, invite others, comment and quickly RSVP while also keeping track of who's attending an event, receive notifications about changes, and more.

While social networking applications like Facebook provide for friends to connect in a general way, WaveChat is specifically intended for friends to connect in the real world, including organizing coffees, dinners, parties and other real life social activities.

The app has some great features including collaborative event photo galleries that all guests can contribute to and comment on, a calendar system which integrates smoothly with phones' native calendars, along with a fun chat experience.

The feature of allowing people to share photos of events in an easy, real-time way has not been properly addressed in any of the popular social platforms, according to co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Stirling.

"This feature is designed so that you can see the event as it's happening from everyone's perspective and then have memories of all your events that you can return to at any time on the WaveChat Calendar," he said.

"It gives a whole new way of making social media relevant to people's real life."

WaveChat has also been designed to address the challenges of organizing social activities -- one of the key ones being finding out when friends are arriving.

WaveChat ETA lets users send a request to their friends, asking them to share how far away they are -- then WaveChat calculates how long it will be before they arrive.

"I have to admit, we added that while waiting for one of our co-founders to arrive at a restaurant - hunger can sharpen the mind!" laughs Stirling.

WaveChat works both with contacts in the user's phonebook as well as letting users connect in-app via username to overcome the issue of not necessarily having all your friends and acquaintance's numbers.

WaveChat also works with people who don't have the app installed -- the event is sent by text message, with a link to the WaveChat website which is updated instantly if any changes are made to the event.

For people invited to events via WaveChat before installing the app, their feed will automatically populate with their upcoming activities once they join WaveChat.


Using the XMPP chat protocol to allow for instant communication events and photos as well as chat, WaveChat leverages the mature chat technology to allow real-time interaction between event attendees.

"This real-time functionality allows for all sorts of features which wouldn't be possible using classical server polling or device-driven push notifications," according to WaveChat co-founder and CTO, Andrew Stirling.

"For example, coordinating user positions on a map or having photos pushed in real time to other participants at an event becomes very straight-forward."


Privacy has also been a central issue when creating WaveChat -- the team have focused on making it as private as possible -- users can rest assured that none of their conversations, events or photos are being monitored.

"This issue was something that was personal to us -- we wanted create a place for people where they don't need to worry about intrusive advertising or data monitoring. It's designed to be a private way for people to connect with friends and family," Stirling said.


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