Winners of "2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" Released, Showcasing the Power of Technology Innovation

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA Berlin), one of the largest CE shows in the world, just kicked off its 2015 session in Berlin, Germany. Prestigious CE companies from around the world have gotten together on this leading exhibition of the CE and home appliance industry, bringing with their latest products and innovation achievements. IDG and German Industry and Commerce Ltd. jointly announced winners of "2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" (website: Overall, there are seven companies sharing a total of nine awards, namely Changhong, ZTE, Haier, BOE, Samsung, LG and Siemens. Awarded companies received the corresponding trophies from Miss IFA, and they collectively demonstrated both the unique charm of CE products in the wave of intelligent interconnection technology and the power of technology innovation of CE companies.

In recent years, the rapid development of such Internet technologies as Mobile Internet, intelligent interconnection and wearable devices, have greatly stimulated the development of CE product, which are known to be more "individualized", "intelligent" and "interconnected". CE brands adapt Internet trends and intelligence and meet the market's requirement. With the theme "From technical innovation to fascinating CE products", this year's competition builds a stage for global CE brands to showcase themselves against the backdrop of smart home and smart community, in order to facilitate the CE companies to proactively transfer and upgrade in this revolutionary wave of intelligence and interconnection. They will then be able to kick off the second start, to realize fast growth in the age of intelligent interconnection and flex the new vitality of the CE industry and CE brands on all dimensions.

IFA Product Technical Innovation Award, co-organized by IDG and German Industry and Commerce Ltd., and held annually in parallel with IFA, is an international, authoritative competition of global CE brands. The accreditation aims to demonstrate the glamour of leading CE brands to worldwide consumers and to boost the future development of the global CE industry. This is the second competition since it was initiated. The final results will be generated based on online votes, evaluation and horizontal comparison by professional assessment labs, and then rating by the judge panel, which are composed of senior experts in the CE industry. In a sense, the competition is an overall review and rating of the global CE industry in 2015. After the judgment, finally, Changhong won the Best Smart Solution Award, ZTE won the UE Gold Award, Haier won the Smart Technology Gold Award and the Laundry & Clothing Care Innovation Gold Award, Samsung won the Industrial Design Gold Award, BOE won the Display Technology Gold Award and TV Design Gold Award, LG won the Healthy Purifying Technology Gold Award, and Siemens won the Smart Tableware Cleaning Tech Gold Award.

As one of the largest and most influential trade show of audio-video and CE products in today's world, IFA Berlin was created in 1924, as a major annual platform for CE manufacturers and merchants to get together and present new products and technologies from different countries. In addition, for global CE purchasers, wholesalers and retailers, IFA is the most favored platform to know and buy goods, as well as the most important market for information exchange and platform for consultancy on CE industry development. In this show, not only mature technologies and products, but many companies also bring their avant-garde products and technologies that will go to market in the next 3-5 years to IFA as well.

Among the prizewinners, Haier no-compressor wine cabinet breaks the current limitation on compressor refrigeration in the fridge home appliance industry. By using CO2 and H2O as the refrigerant and abandoning compressors, it completely stops chemical pollution. In the meantime, this machine was made free of motion components, ensuring the wine cabinet has zero vibration, zero noise and zero temperature fluctuation, thus enabling cellar-like conditions for red wine storage and satisfying the needs of wine lovers. Haier Duo Washing Machine, winner of the Laundry & Clothing Care Innovation Gold Award, has a duo-drum design that solves the problem of washing mixed clothes by smart identify such clothes as underwear and outwear, clothes of adults and of infants, dark-color and light-color, which is a significant upgrading of the washing machine technology.

Winner of the 'User Experience Gold Award', Axon is ZTE's first ever global flagship and most premium smartphone to date. After 18 months of user-focused development, ZTE delivered a flagship smartphone that comes packed with all the features that global consumers demand. Axon is the world's first smartphone that can be unlocked with three different biometric authentication options – fingerprint, voice control and eye-scan, and is the first handset to feature Corning's Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass. Axon was designed with consumers entirely in mind, combining the right hardware and software to offer the best sound quality, camera functionality, and all-round smooth performance. And it is precisely this consumer-centric approach that makes Axon worthy of the 'User Experience Gold Award'.

Changhong OTO Smart Community won the Best Smart Solution Award. Changhong OTO Smart Community is an Internet-based integrated solution for the Internet-of-Things in smart communities. This people-centric solution offered by Changhong revolutionarily breaks the boundary between family and community by creating an all-new lifestyle for smart families in smart communities. Starting from smart communities, this solution integrates social resources and strengthens offline services to enable users with a brand new lifestyle. Changhong OTO Smart Community contains two business platforms – Smart Property Management and Smart Health. The Smart Families in Smart Communities, which is another key part in Changhong's smart strategy, signal the company's transformation from providing solely smart hardware to offering both smart hardware and premium offline services. From the entry-point of the smart community, it integrates diversified community services and management to provide a complete set of smart service solution to community users. The result is an easily accessed, efficient and comfortable environment for household life.

BOE presents us with the world's first 82-inch 10K×4K ultra high definition display and BOE Alta TV. Particularly, this 10K display has a resolution of up to 10240*4320, five times that of a 4K display and 21 times that of a FHD TV display. The pixels can barely be seen even in a close look at the screen. With a viewing angle of over 100 degrees, this 10K UHD display can immerse viewers in an ultra-high resolution image sphere, with a strong sense of involvement and powerful visual impacts. BOE Alta is a minimalistic, purist and innovative TV. It enthuses due to the application of high quality materials, which serve an aesthetically convincing design on the one hand and due to the new approach of integrating electronics and loud speakers in the base component of the TV on the other hand.
Jennifer Xu, Vice President of IDG Asia, said at the awards ceremony, "Such trade shows as IFA are important connectors among top CE companies, frontier products and the international community. What's more, owing for the better technical innovation, such brands from China are widely accepted and warmly welcomed by consumers in Germany and other parts of Europe. We believe that this competition will drive the development of the CE industry, with the ultimate goal of better satisfying global customers' needs. Based on innovation in technology, design, interaction features and user experience, IFA Product Technical Innovation Award has been organized with the purpose of showcasing the power of technology innovation in the CE industry and continuously stimulating global CE industry innovation."
As the world-leading CE trade show, IFA held in the most important sales season of a year demonstrates the latest products and innovation achievements of the CE industry to consumers around the world. Driven by the thriving smart interconnection technologies, global CE companies achieved remarkable achievement in both technological innovation and product development, reflected by the winner announcement of the 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award. Together let's witness the power of technology innovation and the unique charm of the CE industry on the 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award, and appreciate the power of CE brands.

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