Xender App Enables Mobile File Transfer and Sharing through Wi-Fi

Xender Enables Mobile File Transfer and Sharing with Zero Data Usage

All over the world data usage is a constant concern for 3G or 4G users. Luckily, it is possible now to avoid the mobile carrier data charges by using Xender, a popular file transfer and sharing application that requires no data usage, no internet, and it even sets users free of USB cables and memory sticks.

With Xender, users can easily share photos, music, and transfer files and even apps through a hotspot created by the phone. Absolutely no other connection is required. And users can share files between devices on different platforms, either Android, iOS or Windows. Xender doesn't have any limitations on file size which means users can send large files or small files alike. Of course, users need Xender installed in the mobile devices, but that's all, and the app is totally free to use.

But how does Xender free file sharing actually work? Very simple: when users connect with their friends, instead of using mobile data, the app creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on one device that can be joined by others. That creates a direct link between the devices without using internet connection so no data usage will be incurred. And because of the direct link using Wi-Fi technology, it enables up to 50 times faster file transfer than via Bluetooth.

Apart from its zero data usage and speed, Xender also has other cool features like easy backup or transfer of contacts from an old phone to a new one. The user interface is intuitive, young and fun. Users can set their own profile photo or give their phone a personal name so that their friends can easily recognize them. The experience of file sharing is, after all, a social experience.

Apart from its very powerful mobile file transfer features, Xender also provides a very cool and helpful PC connection function in which file transfer to PC can be done with ease. Users do not need to install any software on their PC. Just by using the browser, users can connect their phone to a PC, transfer files both ways and manage their phone from the PC. Sure enough this feature works for Mac as well.

Xender is available for Android, iOS and, Windows Phone.

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