Zetware iPhone App Connects Shoppers With Local Businesses

Zetware iPhone App
TopLineSoft Systems Releases App Zetware That Connects Shoppers With Local Businesses -- TopLineSoft Systems releases new mobile app Zetware; shoppers can use this app to connect instantly to many businesses at once by sending just one message

TopLineSoft Systems announces release of new mobile app Zetware (http://www.zetware.com) into Apple's App Store. Shoppers can use this app to send messages to business inquiring about products and services. To send a message, the shopper needs to provide text of the message, business category and maximum distance to the business location. Zetware will automatically deliver the message to proper businesses giving each of them an opportunity to respond back. As a result of being able to communicate with many businesses at once, shoppers can save time on trips to the stores, quickly find the best deals or receive other information from the businesses.

For example, if a shopper needs red roses and he is ready to travel a distance of no more than 10 miles, he sends a message to all local florists located inside a 10-mile radius asking if someone has red roses. The florists receive the message and each of them has an option to reply to let the shopper know if the product is available.

Zetware also supports a special "Delivery Required" mode when the message is sent only to businesses with delivery service available in the area that covers shoppers' locations. This mode is extremely useful for shoppers who are unable to leave their home or prefer the convenience of product delivery.

The messaging service behind Zetware ensures privacy and confidentiality of communication. Customer messages are anonymous because the business recipients of the messages do not see a username or any other information about the sender except the text of the message. The service has complete spam protection as well. The businesses are unable to initiate new conversations by themselves as they can send messages only to conversations started by the customers.

Zetware helps shoppers save time and provides a unique opportunity for businesses to attract more customers. In addition, participating businesses will be accumulating extremely valuable information about customer demand and market trends as they receive product requests from shoppers.

Oleg Kabanov, Chief Executive Officer at TopLineSoft Systems, comments: "Shoppers can easily find relevant businesses in a local area, but what shoppers are actually looking is a specific product or service. It means they must find the way to reach those businesses. Our app is designed specifically for the purpose of eliminating the need for the shoppers to locate and contact the businesses one at a time."

Zetware is not just an app, but also a backend messaging service with special algorithms for connecting shoppers and businesses. TopLineSoft Systems plans to expose that service to many other mobile and desktop platforms such as Android, Mac OS X and Windows.

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TopLineSoft Systems (http://www.toplinesoft.com) has a significant presence in the Apple App Store and developed 36 apps for both iOS and Mac OS X platforms since 2009, covering a number of app categories: Games, Utilities, Photo, Business, Productivity and Social Networking.

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