ZTE Upgrades eODN Solution for Smarter Optical Network Deployments

New end-to-end eODN delivers simplicity, speeds up network construction and optimizes network management

Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, announced an upgrade to its eODN optical distribution network solution to make it simpler and faster for operators to install and manage optical networks.

The upgraded eODN solution offers more convenient service setting, faster fault location and provides more accurate resource information to enable operators to deploy smarter and higher-performance optical networks. The comprehensive end-to-end solution covers both the fiber network construction phase and the network management phase, providing a high degree of flexibility.

In the fiber network construction phase, operators may use eODN’s GIS-based fiber network planning software, SCPT (single core per tube) cables, joint closures, and pre-terminated products to build faster and less expensive fiber networks. In the fiber network O&M phase, intelligent electronic labels, online fiber fault monitoring system, traceable patch cords and intelligent sensors make network maintenance much easier and more efficient.

Designed for easy construction, easy management and easy expansion, the upgraded eODN provides new features such as the passive electronic lock, and allows customers to optimize the functions of service setting, data entry, resource management, fault location make networks smarter at the port, node and link levels.
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