x-Mobility Expands its MVNA Capabilities to 4G, VoLTE and OTT services

Expanded relationship with MNO Increases x-Mobility’s offering

London -- x-Mobility can now offer new MVNOs services beyond traditional telephony. The new services include 4G data services, VoLTE and now Virtual Mobile Number services. New MVNOs, enabled by x-Mobility, can now offer their subscribers multiple virtual numbers.

The Virtual Mobile Number services allow consumers to make and receive calls via any connected device, using the number attached to their SIM on their device of choice. Or they can create new numbers to use, keeping their native number private. MVNOs can offer a range of new services that make use of these features, for example, allowing people to call and text from abroad at UK rates.

Thanks to the extended MNO contract x-Mobility has signed the new services that can be offered to MVNO subscribers include:
- Choose to receive calls/texts via SIM or OTT app
- Other internet connected devices (including tablets) can also receive calls/texts via the OTT app
- Make/receive calls/texts without roaming charges
- Additional numbers on an existing phone for different purposes
- MVNO SIM number can be used across multiple devices
- Full inbound/outbound call-flow control
- Use WiFi to call, text and check voicemail when out of GSM signal
- Call/text anyone over WiFi/3G/4G
- Connect via WiFi when abroad and call/text at UK rates

“x-Mobility is now adding virtual numbers to its traditional telephony offering. This means that MVNOs can now consider multiple new business models, all enabled by our service,” said Shanks Kulam, Chief Mobile Officer at x-Mobility. “And these new MVNO business models will open up new possibilities for subscribers about how they use their phone and their number.”

As the 4G and VoLTE MVNA for 3, x-Mobility is already ahead of competitors, as the rest of the market currently only offers 3G. However, being able to offer virtual numbers puts x-Mobility even further ahead.

“As this is virtual it is relevant to global OTTs that want to offer their subscriber base UK Virtual Mobile Numbers, and with an impressive list of services giving real benefits to subscribers, we expect this service to become very popular among providers that wish to remain ahead of the field,” Kulam continued.

The new program has been two years in development, with the first service provider going live in the US. International and UK firms have also launched using this program, along with hybrid MVNOs where the MVNO model is a mix of SIM and OTT app, such as FreedomPop (www.freedompop.com).

“x-Mobility is the MVNA of choice not just for traditional SIM-based 4G MVNO programmes, but also now in the OTT service provider space, thanks to our disruptive and flexible approach to Virtual Mobile Number services,” Kulam added.

About x-Mobility
x-Mobility is a Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), providing a white-labelled 4G LTE MVNO & Virtual Number MVNO service for brands wishing to enter the mobile space. x-Mobility holds a full MVNO licence and provides all the services required for a brand to create its own MVNO proposition.

The target audience for x-Mobility’s service is those companies that, for a variety of reasons, don’t want to or can’t deal with the MNO directly. Mobile network operators constantly receive requests from brands interested in extending their offering into the mobile space, yet can only deal with a small number each year. Therefore many potentially very successful MVNOs are turned down by the MNOs. x-Mobility’s MVNA service can help to resolve this.

By using x-Mobility, brands can launch their own MVNO service within a quarter of the time and at a fraction of the cost of the direct-to-operator model. x-Mobility is the only company providing pre and post-paid voice and data services as a white-label MVNO solution on the Hutchison 3G network.

For more information please visit: www.x-mobility.com
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