ZTE launches its integrated Cloud Desktop Solution, creating a new experience in the post-PC era

Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, launched an integrated cloud desktop solution, integrating virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, virtual operating infrastructure (VOI) desktop technology, and releasing the unified computing, data space, and management service to its users to realise delivery, application and desktop services on any device, in any location.

Showcased for the first time at Gitex, the biggest IT exhibition in the Middle East, taking place in Dubai, the new solution boasts total integration, high security, easy management and a reliable user experience.

Total integration
  • ZTE has integrated the VDI, VOI, and server based computer(SBC) to meet various application scenarios. The VDI is used for online applications frequently used in everyday office work, while the VOI is used for online/offline applications and the SBC is used for task/homework online applications. Using a unified management platform, these three kinds of desktops can share one account, using the same data, so that multiple screens can share the same information.
  • ZTE provides a totally self-developed solution, ranging from server and disk array to cloud desktop software and cloud terminal.
  • Additionally, the solution supports a teaching environment. The desktop has a self-help application functions meaning that the teacher or student can use the desktop by themselves when using the cloud desktop system. The administrator can allocate cloud desktops to the users after auditing the application. Users can also set a unified password for a group of students. 
High security
  • Refined user-class peripheral management and control: The solution supports the management and control of the equipment type to ensure that authorised users can copy or print the information from the cloud.
  • Rights/domain-based: The system supports monitoring and auditing administrator behaviors, controlling online user behaviors, monitoring remote processes, and monitoring or limiting the use of the application without granting credit.
  • The system provides an agent-free anti-virus to scan and eliminate malware, protecting application programmes and transparently reinforcing security protection. The system is also compatible with third party anti-virus software that is mutually authenticated with other well-known antivirus software vendors.
Easy management
  • The management system supports the management of multiple desktops and end-to-end management of cloud desktops and terminals. In addition, it supports the diversity of virtualisation, management, servers, storage, and network products. 
  • Unified management of the application software: The system is able to solve management issues such as unified installation/uninstallation, using the application software as required, and reducing software licensing fees. 
  • ZTE‘s cloud terminal management system comprehensively conducts automatic management of the terminal equipment, including system configuration, software distribution, system deployment, assets management, remote monitoring, patch management, remote management, and security management to help enterprise users realise effective and intelligent cloud management.
  • The system supports using existing PCs as the cloud terminal for unified management of exiting PCs, including delivering operating system images, coordinating management and control of peripheral devices, and calculating usage information.
Good experience
  • The system uses processing and computing capabilities of local resources of the terminal and creates 3D graphs to monitor the drafting effect with a local PC.
  • The system supports multiple peripherals, including the U disk, USB interface hardware, USB printer, parallel-port printer, scanning gun, document scanner, writing pad, USB Key, SIM card reader, and ID identifier.
This solution is another milestone achieved by ZTE after its strong breakthrough in the virtual private network (VPN), education, and energy industries, signaling that ZTE‘s cloud desktop products have moved into a new development stage in the post-PC era.
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