ZTE named leader in public safety by IHS

Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation has been named a leader in public safety in a whitepaper released by IHS. Announced at Gitex 2015, the biggest IT exhibition in the Middle East taking place in Dubai, the whitepaper includes analysis from IHS on global public safety trends and key challenges, offering recommendations on the construction of future public safety systems.

In recent years, issues such as crime, natural disasters, and diseases have emerged alongside the acceleration of urbanisation and globalisation. All of these pose a growing challenge to public safety and governments around the globe are using the latest information and communications technologies to establish more advanced public safety systems to tackle these problems. According to the latest technology trends, future public safety systems must be established in accordance with the following rules:
  • Make full use of the Internet of Things to provide accurate perception capabilities.
  • Establish a stable broadband transport network, which serves as a channel for data and information processing.
  • Take advantage of big data to identify relationships between events, therefore improving prediction capabilities.
  • Establish efficient emergency response systems to rapidly respond to emergencies.
The white paper also provides a comprehensive comparison and analysis of mainstream public safety vendors regarding technologies, consulting and designs, and delivery and operational abilities. According to the findings, ZTE provides the most competitive public safety solution – a direct result of ZTE's leading role in terms of the Internet of Things, big data, broadband trunking, delivery and sustainable operation abilities.

"ZTE is ranked as a leader in public safety by IHS, in the light of its extensive experience in the fields of emergency management and law enforcement," said by Hu Jian, vice president at ZTE and general manager of the public safety sector.

"ZTE has had more than 300 patents in the Internet of Things, eclipsing competitors and the digital trunking GoTa with proprietary intellectual property is recognised as an international standard by ITU. Additionally, ZTE prides itself on self-developed big data software and hardware platforms, worldwide delivery teams, and a wealth of operational experience. As a result, ZTE has won recognition from a number of global customers in the public safety market".

As a leading ICT solution and service provider, ZTE has continued to expand into the public safety industry, and is committed to helping governments enhance public safety management levels by providing intelligent and integrated ICT solutions. To date, ZTE has launched a range of products and solutions, including integrated multimedia dispatching, coalition emergency response, video analysis, emergency management platform, and police big data platform. These products and solutions have been well received and widely deployed in more than 40 regions around the world, such as China, France, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, and Uruguay, providing government customers with reliable support for public safety events.
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