ZTE releases the industry-first data center ToR switch series, the BigMatrixTM ZXR10 5960-H

Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has released the BigMatrixTM ZXR10 5960-H, a product series of next-generation data centre top-of-rack (ToR) switches for use with big data and large-scale cloud computing.

The ZXR10 5960-H series comes in six models, the 5960-52DU-H, 5960-72NL-H, 5960-72DL-H, 5960-64DL-H, 5960-64NL-H and 5960-32LC-H. The 5960-52DU-H supports up to four 100G uplink ports, which is the highest density in the industry. The 5960-32LC-H is the world-first ToR switch with all 40G ports and panel-based optical and electrical 10G combo interfaces, making it the most flexible data center access platform available.

Horizontal scalability is key to ensuring server access due to the large amount of horizontal services in big data. Compared to the next-generation data centre, the traditional data centre has limited bandwidth that cannot accommodate large-scale data analysis, huge resource pools and the growing number of virtual devices. As a result, a new type of big data TOR switch is urgently needed.

The ZXR10 5960-H, the data center ToR switch, has a special design for the Open Service Architecture’s (OSA) horizontal data, improving big data platforms’ ability to capture unstructured and independent data.

As an important component of ZTE’s unified cloud resource management solution, the BigMatrix5960-H uses ZTE’s the resource operation system, the ZXCLOUD iROS, to efficiently achieve the uniform migration of virtual devices and fast service deployment. With 10/40/100GbE and combined interfaces on the 1U design, the ZXR10 5960-H series products offers flexible service deployment. Combining services that can be coordinated with other advanced features such as network virtualization, these products can provide key network performance improvements.

Equipped with ZTE’s most advanced software operating system, the ROS 5.0.1, the BigMatrixTM5960-H series provides an independent software protocol and service layer, as well as the ability to perform separate processes. This design has laid a solid foundation for future service upgrade and deployment.

The ToR Switch ZXR10 5960-H and the core switch ZXR10 9900 are the main elements of ZTE’s cloud computing data centre solution. Based upon the VSC3.0 data centre virtual solution, the ZXR10 5960-H not only gives support to the horizontal virtual cluster technology, but also serves as a remote line card of the core switch, which meets the requirements of network devices for a cloud resource pool.

By supporting data center protocol groups such as fibre channel over ethernet (FCoE) and data center bridging (DCB), the ZXR10 5960-H empowers data centres to provide improved data storage and network management. The ZXR10 5960-H is capable of upgrading to 100G ports smoothly, protecting users’ investments while enabling them to expand their services in the future.
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