Pinkie Pom Huge Update comes with 12+ Mini Games!

Pinkie Pom with 12+ Mini Games
HWDOT has updated Pinkie Pom with the addition of multiple game modes. You can now play 12+ mini games! Pinkie Pom is a free-to-play mobile adventure with 12+ mini games and tons of features, available from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

Loaded with all-new challenges, multiple levels, cute characters, and funny crazy monsters, Pinkie Pom has a lot of game elements, including Adventure, Garden Maze, Mowing Lawn, Flappy Flying, Match-Three, Tap Tap Jump!, Lucky Spin, Memorize Card, Monster Ninja, Jigsaw Puzzles, Retro-style Classic Snake and Classic Bricks, and various things to unlock.

Pinkie Pom Features Multiple Game Modes:
1. Adventure - 32 stages with fantastic Multitasking gameplay (Handle up to 8 cute pinkies on one screen!)
2. Garden Maze - 64 levels of hedge mazes. Survive the creeps and escape the labyrinth! Can you help the pinkie pom get to the end of the maze before time runs out?
3. Mowing Lawn - Mow the Yard / Cut the Grass puzzle game with 32 areas to solve!
4. Flappy Flying - Endless Flappy game mode, Help the pompom fly while avoiding obstacles, get as far as possible, and beat your own highscore.
5. Match-3 Pom-Pom - 30 levels and various colorful poms in Match-three Puzzle Mode.
6. Tap Tap Jump! - Jump and Collect coins.
7. Lucky Spin - Feeling lucky? Let's play Wheel of Fortune!
8. Memorize Card - Train your brain with memory game! Novice, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare!
9. Monster Ninja - Slice monsters with ninja skills!
10. Jigsaw Puzzles - Arrange the 36 puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the picture. Improve your visual memory and search skills!
11. Classic Snake - Eat, grow longer, and avoid hitting own tail or walls. Bring back memories and relive the nostalgia of Nokia Snake game! The famous 90's snake game is simple to play, but challenging and addictive!
12. Classic Bricks - Feeling Nostalgic? Let's play bricks.

13-17. Available Soon!

Pinkie Pom features Match-3 Puzzle and Garden Maze

Pinkie Pom Gameplay
· Physics-world on Adventure mode with four seasons, different characters, and background music
· Autosaved Game on Adventure, Maze, Lawn Mode to "Continue" your progress later!
· Coins system for all game modes with "Skip level" feature using it, and earn FREE coins!
· Funny crazy monsters and bosses, Very dedicated to scaring cute pinkie poms ;)
· One-hand friendly Android game, Designed specifically with the portrait orientation in mind!
· More updates coming soon..

Pinkie Pom features Adventure with simple control

Pinkie Pom features Flappy Flying and Cards (Memory Game)

Pinkie Pom features Physics world

Pinkie Pom features unique challenging gameplay

Pinkie Pom features Mowing Lawn and Tap Tap Jump!

Pinkie Pom features Classic Snake and Jigsaw Puzzles

There are many mini games inside Pinkie Pom that lets player enjoy playing, tapping, exploring, matching, flapping, flying, jumping, mowing, cutting, slicing, memorizing, solving, and multitasking. So are you still looking for a complete PomPom game? Play Pinkie Pom once and you'll want to play this challenging pom pom game more. Tons of fun!

You can now update the Pinkie Pom from the official Google Play store.

About Pinkie Pom
For more information on Pinkie Pom, visit Fans can also follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @thepinkiepom

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