Berry Locator - Help for Lost BlackBerry

Berry Locator - Help for Lost BlackBerry
With Berry Locator, No matter where your BlackBerry is lost, Berry Locator helps you locate and recover your lost BlackBerry. All you have to do is send a simple email (with a specific trigger-message) and Berry Locator will make it sound-off its location (even if it's in silent mode). If you happen to have abandoned your BlackBerry somewhere far-off, Berry Locator will display your email's message on the display, so you can include instructions for how to get your BlackBerry back in your hands (as long as the person that finds it feels the same way).

Berry Locator works with your BlackBerry's GPS hardware (if equipped, of course) to relay its exact location - it won't tell you if it's under the couch, but it will tell you if it's at the coffee house.

Berry Locator is compatible with all BlackBerry devices including Pearl, Curve, 8800 series. The free trial is, well, free. A full-version of Berry Locator will run you $4.99. Download Berry Locator to enjoy the great features from the official site.
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7 comments on "Berry Locator - Help for Lost BlackBerry"

sahilmittu said...

i losted my black berry 9000 bold mobile having3 an IMEI no. :355256021822142.plz hlp me out

Nick said...

I use trackitback, they return worldwide for free. This service does wonders! I have been using them for the pat 3 years and have not had any trouble getting my cell phone, or my laptop returned to me.

chez said...

I just lost my blackberry and i have this app on my phone but i dont know how to track it. The app is turned on, but I don't understand what you mean by email your phone.
My email goes directly to my phone..
So what email address do i send an email to?

Ricardo said...

I lost my blackberry, how do you use blackberry locator, and do you need the gps app on your blackberry to find it? please im panicking right now!!! i have a bb curve 8300.

Christine said...

Its difficult understanding BL"berry locator" i switched it to berry snooper its working great and allows me to track either by using GPS,email or by SMS i love it thnx berry snooper

Nina Sloan said...

I have downloaded the trial version to try and find my phone, but can't open the applications. What program do I use? Please advise. Thank you!

Catharine said...

I just found a blackberry in NYC, CPS, last night. How can I get it back to the owner. It's password protected. Put ad on Craigslist.

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