Motorola M990 Smart Rider on FCC

Motorola M990 Smart Rider on FCC
Motorola M990 Smart Rider on FCC. Motorola Moto M990 Smart Rider, a carphone model that has recently appeared at the FCC site. Motorola is touting this thing as a "GSM high tier fixed mobile car phone." Apparently, this block-ish nightmare will be bringing some quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) goodness to your whip.

And, as if to justify this monstrosity's design Motorola explains that their Motorola M990 Smart Rider doesn't just do "voice but also high speed data services, entertainment, information, advanced network connection, BT connections, GPS navigation services, etc." It's great that 3G, WiFi, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, and video features are in the cards.

Moto's apparently looking to market this thing towards "business men, limousines and private cars looking for stylish communication and navigation solution." Unfortunately, the Motorola M990 Smart Rider is a few years past its mark. Fixed car phones? How 90's is that?

Does the big, black, glossy display spark memories of Knight Rider? maybe is it just the similar model name?
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