CoverFlow UI for iPhone Multiple Views

CoverFlow UI for iPhone Multiple Views 1
CoverFlow UI for iPhone Multiple Views. Paired with the iPhone's capacitance multi-touch display, CoverFlow really shines. Well, it shines in the iPhone's album/music browsing function and nowhere else. It's just a shame that CoverFlow wasn't more fully developed to work in other iPhone features.

And now, that's why we love the third-party iPhone development community (all without an official iPhone SDK, by the way). Kevin Brosius figured out how to use the CoverFlow UI in other iPhone applications. Then, Layton Duncan put together a demo application that displays your iPhone's Applications directory in all its CoverFlow glory.

CoverFlow UI for iPhone Multiple Views 2

Let's cross our fingers for iPhone developers to integrate CoverFlow view into every iPhone application. Jailbreak and SSH are a must to take advantage of the new CoverFlow application for your Application list/homescreen.
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