TimeBar Application for S60 phones

TimeBar Application for S60 phones
TimeBar Application for S60 phones. S60 3.2 fixes a fault that all other previous versions of S60 has: you can't tell what time it is unless you switch to the standby screen. I present you with TimeBar. “TimeBar” is an application to enlarge and facilitate time management of S60 phones. Its main function is to display the current time everywhere, in every menu and every application. Furthermore, it is able to announce the current time with a voice or a tone.

Looks like this application gives you a clock where you expect it to be, plus has the ability to notify you on the hour, every hour, of the time. For those of you who miss digital watches that beeped twice at the start of every hour, consider this one way to relive those long forgotten years.

More details and download are available from Symbian Weblog. They say it's a good app, share your experience...
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