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Samsung TouchWiz Video. Samsung was showing off two new finger-touch phones at MWC this year: the F480 and F490. The new F480 and F490 run "TouchWiz", which you could think of as Croix 2.0. Samsung told us that TouchWiz will replace Croix on all new Samsung finger-touch phones. In fact, the F490 was originally slated to run Croix - and that's what was on display in the booth - but it was recently decided to upgrade the UI to TouchWiz instead of Croix on the final shipping version.

As you're about to see, the Korean handset maker isn't kidding when it comes to the user experience. The widgets on the homescreens of the F480 and F490 — two Samsung handsets that sport the new UI — simply rock.

TouchWiz will be available on both the F480 and F490. The F480 is like a slightly larger Armani phone. The Armani phone is so tiny, though, that the F480 is still quite small. The little bit of extra size allows for a vastly improved camera (5 megapixel auto-focus) plus HSDPA for Europe and a larger, 2.8-inch display.

Here is Samsung TouchWiz UI Video :

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