Verizon Unlimited Plans

Verizon Unlimited Plans
Verizon Unlimited Plans. Verizon Wireless, The leading U.S. CDMA mobile operator has announced that it is rolling out unlimited data, voice, and messaging plans.

Verizon Unlimited Voice-Data Plans

- $99.99 (Basic plan) buys you unlimited domestic voice minutes, Mobile Web 2.0 access, and internet access.
- additional $20 gets you into Select plan that also includes unlimited picture, video, and text messaging to and from numbers in the United States.
- additional $20 on top of Select plan ($139.99 in total) gets you in the "Premium league," allowing you to also use such Verizon's services like V CAST Video, VZ Navigator, and Verizon's push based Mobile Email service.

In the addition, the carrier has also updated its plans for smartphones with the addition of two new "Global" plans. $129.99 plan includes unlimited domestic voice, email, and internet access — while $20 more adds unlimited picture and text messaging on top of that.

Family plans are also update - $199.98 gets you unlimited plan for the first 2 lines, and $99.99 for each additional line.

On the other hand, BroadBand Access data plans will change on March 2nd and will — unlike all other plans — be more limited. $39.99 buys you 50MB of monthly data, while $59.99 allow you to download up to 5GB of data each month.
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