WiFi Access Point to Skyhook Wireless Database

WiFi Access Point to Skyhook Wireless Database
WiFi Access Point to Skyhook Wireless Database. The Wi-Fi Positioning System from Skyhook Wireless is a software-only location platform that provides 20 meter positioning accuracy to any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. Unlike satellite based GPS systems, WPS uses terrestrial based Wi-Fi access points to determine location. Skyhook's WiFi database is a great way to increase the accuracy of your iPhone v1.1.3's faux-GSP positional features. With WiFi range maxing out at something like 100 feet, using WiFi access points to pin-point your location is a fairly accurate method - providing that you have a WiFi AP in range.

Unfortunately, Skyhook's WiFi database was a pain in the you-know-where to update with wireless access points - requiring you to email your AP-address, MAC address, Lat/Long data to Skyhook. So, it seems that Skyhook was thinking along those lines as well. They've updated with WiFi AP submission process by providing a point-and-click solution on their website.

Simply go to their webpage, enter your address along with your MAC address and email, then slick "submit." That's it.

Submit Skyhook WiFi AP at www.skyhookwireless.com/howitworks/submit_ap.php
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