Blockbusters Football Edition Mobile Game released by Player X

Blockbusters Football Edition Mobile Game by Player X
There are some games set to compete with EA’s Euro 2008 such as the EA’s official Euro 2008 mobile game, Real Football 2008: European Tournament Mobile Game by Gameloft (unofficial), and what's now? You can now feed your football addiction with Blockbusters Football Edition quiz, a new mobile game by Player X. The game includes a Quick Mode to get straight into the action, as well as Challenge and Marathon options that let you unlock more characters and mascots.

Featuring over 1000 questions, every aspect of the sport- from international tournaments and teams to the UK premiership - is covered. Even the most ardent football fanatics will find their knowledge tested.

Pick a letter and make your way across the gameboard before the heart-pounding final Gold Run round. Play the quick mode to alleviate bus stop boredom, or try the more involved Challenge and Marathon modes where you take on the AI-controlled football experts. Collect new characters and mascots as you prove your football prowess, or pitch yourself against a friend using just a single handset in the multiplayer mode.

The game is out now, on an operator portal near you. More information is available from Player X's website.
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