The Incredible Hulk Mobile Game by Hands-On Mobile

The Incredible Hulk Mobile Game by Hands-On Mobile
The Incredible Hulk Mobile Game by Hands-On Mobile. Following on the previous Hancock Mobile Game by Glu Mobile, and Iron Man Mobile Game by Hands-On Mobile, it seems 'Movie Games' are popular at this time. Hands-On Mobile, Inc., the world's leading developer of connected games and applications, and Marvel Entertainment, Inc., announced the availability of a mobile game and personalisation content around the big-screen adaptation of The Incredible Hulk. The game and content are currently available on select carriers worldwide.

In this explosive and action-packed mobile game, players become one of the most popular Super Heroes of all time. Smash through walls, hurl cars at enemies, scale cityscapes, dodge precision missiles, and battle The Abomination as you seek out a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned your cells and transformed you into the unbridled force of rage known only as The Incredible Hulk.

Adopting a typical bird's-eye-view of the action, you briefly take control of Bruce Banner as he attempts to escape the perpetual nuisance of the US army. Naturally, this quickly leads to a big green tantrum, and it's time for Hulk to smash. The gameplay is unerringly simple – punch the little soldiers who are shooting at you, or grab stuff and hurl it at them. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The Incredible Hulk is being released by Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures today. For information and other exciting Marvel Mobile content, visit The Incredible Hulk mobile game can be downloaded in the U.S. by text messaging HULK to 46966.
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