AT&T iPhone 3G Text Accessibility Plan

AT&T iPhone 3G Text Accessibility Plan
AT&T iPhone 3G Text Accessibility Plan. AT&T announced that the Text Accessibility Plan (TAP) for iPhone 3G will give customers with disabilities unlimited text messaging, Web browsing and easy access to e-mail for $50 per month. Customers with disabilities wishing to use enterprise email can sign up for a $65 per month plan that features unlimited messaging, data, and support for enterprise email with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Pay-per-use voice is included in both the consumer and enterprise TAP at $.40 per minute.

This new plan is available to current and future iPhone 3G users with qualifying disabilities through AT&T's National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD). To qualify for the iPhone 3G TAP, customers must complete an application for eligibility. When purchasing iPhone 3G, customers will be required to sign up for a standard iPhone 3G voice and data plan. After the iPhone 3G is activated, customers can e-mail, fax or mail the eligibility form back to the NCCD to change their rate plan to the TAP for iPhone 3G. Customers can contact the AT&T NCCD with questions at 866-241-6568 for voice calls or 866-241-6567 for TTY calls.
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